Core Mission


The Settlement Project:

  • Exists to advance the desire of all people to live freely and in peace.
  • Maintains that freedom and a peaceful world are attainable.
  • Maintains that enduring freedom and peace are realized through creating and preserving societies that guarantee God-given human rights, and citizens uphold freedom, equality, and justice for all people, based on family, spiritual life, and educational and social institutions that are principled and patriotic.
  • Maintains that atheistic Marxism, Marxism-derived philosophies, and other materialist ideologies are the greatest threat to a peaceful world. These foster avarice, greed for power, resentment, violence, and result in totalitarianism.
  • Replaces Marxism, Marxism-derived philosophies, and other materialistic ideologies with a philosophy and way of life that effectively address inequities and injustices.



The Settlement Project:

  • Produces and disseminates analyses and critiques of atheistic Marxism, Marxism-derived philosophies, and other materialist ideologies, including their theories and histories.
  • Produces and disseminates works that articulate ideological bases for individuals, families, societies, and nations that champion God-given rights and responsibilities.
  • Promotes and helps coordinate work and activities that advance our principles and objectives.
  • Convenes seminars and other events and activity to expose and challenge the Marxist lie, advancing instead alternatives grounded in God-given natural rights and responsibilities.


Priorities: The Settlement Project currently works on two fronts:

  1. Culture and social institutions in Free Societies
  2. The influence and activity of the Chinese Communist Party (both domestically and internationally)


Social Institutions and Culture in Free Societies that have been infiltrated and corrupted by materialist, and Marxist-derived philosophies and ideologies. These include:

The Chinese Communist Party threat:


Distinct Project Purpose and Orientation

The Settlement Project is not “yet another” conservative organization laboring to protect the Free World from foreign aggression, and from the growing forces of Marxist-inspired anarchists, and trained subversive revolutionaries.

Communism (together with Marxism, and Marxism-Leninism) was supposed to have been defeated with the fall of the Soviet Empire (1991), and the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989).

Unfortunately (escaping the attention of freedom loving leaders) the ideology remained active, intent, and focused, concealed by minor variations and permutations, and continued to invest systematically in the destruction of free democracies through the corruption and infiltration of all Free World cultural institutions, and through militarized state actors such as China. *

30 years after the so called fall of Communism, Americans woke up to find US cities awash in flames, violence and murder for months on end, perpetrated by self-avowed Marxist-trained agitators, who are aggressively supported by members of Congress, governors, mayors, news and entertainment media, professors, teachers, major corporations, unions, and social media titans. Simultaneously China (also supported by US politicians, and media and corporate leaders) attacks America with technology espionage, the infiltration of corporate sports and news media, threats to US allies in South Asia, and much more.

The end of Communism, which failed to happen in 1989 and onward, remains our pressing task and responsibility. This is the work and mission of The Settlement Project.

The Settlement Project completes and extends those philosophies that guide constitutional conservatives beyond the immediate, political emergency, to implement ending infiltration of Free World institutions, from both European originating opponents of free and open societies and culture, and from the work of such regimes as the Chinese Communist Party, and its international collaborators.

The Settlement Project supports thinkers and champions committed to interdependent nations of and for free people.