Final Thoughts On The Second Failed Impeachment Effort By House Democrats

This episode looks into what is incitement and what is insurrection.

(Please note that my numbers were off in this commentary in which I described 55 voting to convict, rather than 57. Thank you.)

To get a sense of the media to which I refer in the podcast, take a moment to watch this interview from President Trump's lawyer on CBSN.

Why the Impeachment? What's Really Going On?

This episode inquires into why Democrats (and 10 Republicans) would persist with an unconstitutional hearing based on lies and fabricated "evidence." Watch just one of many videos that decimate the deceit and malicious efforts of the house managers.

These Songs of Freedom

This episode looks at the beauty of law and respect for America's endless and wonderful flow of immigrants.

Did President Trump Incite An Insurrection?

This episode of Settlement Podcasts looks at the accusation and recent impeachment based on the claim that President Trump incited an insurrection. In this podcast there is a reference to Senator Rand Paul's speech on the impeachment on the Senate floor.

January 20, 2021 - Part 2

Taking the transition seriously. Four things for MAGA members to consider now.

January 20, 2021 - Part 1

Taking the transition seriously. What is a Trump supporter?

Comment and Statement on Events of January 6, 2021

In this podcast I offer 7 simple points of opinion related to events of January 6, 2021.

Shared Social Virtues and Some Origins of Political Difference

This episode attempts to identify an early point of division in bases that underlie development of liberal political thought, and conservative political thought.

Interview with Professor Jonathan Wells:
Scientific and Medical Research Into Transgender Treatments for Children

This interviews examines medical and scientific roots of transgenderism.

Truth, Communication, and the Social Contract

This episode introduces 3 things:
1. We need personal practices to strengthen our capacity to recognize the quality of information, and come from sources other than the information itself.
2. We need to build and support honest, journalistically rigorous media and communications platforms, and
3. I introduce 4 important categories for assessing information.