Officers & Staff

Dr. Frank Kaufmann, President

Dr. Frank Kaufmann is president of the Settlement Project. He has worked in the area of international relations and peace mediation for 42 years. His peace missions have included negotiations during the Gulf War; work in conflict zones in Israel and Palestine, India and Kashmir; service in refugee camps in Croatia and at the Eritrea-Ethiopia border; and mediation in revolutionary centers of the southern Philippines, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere.

Dr. Kaufmann completed his doctoral studies at Vanderbilt University. He is widely published and a known speaker on the social, cultural, and political dimensions of current affairs. He is the editor in chief of the New World Encyclopedia, a widely used, values based, general knowledge encyclopedia.

Under his editorial leadership the peace journal Dialogue and Alliance was named one of the top ten journals on peace mediation (out of 650) by an independent panel commissioned by the ATLA. In 2010, Dr. Kaufmann was awarded the Visionary of Peace Award in Ireland.

Dr. Kaufmann serves on boards for several international peace organizations.

Jennifer Robin Musiol, Secretary

Jennifer Robin Musiol, MSN, C-RNP, is the owner of Epigenetics & Advanced Hormone Consulting, which specializes in assessing which genes are lacking and developing personalized treatment therapies for optimal health.

At a young age, Jennifer determined to always be “for God”. She served as a full time missionary for more than 10 years. Her family continues to support many diverse religious efforts, both local and international.

“I see nothing more important than supporting ‘The Settlement Project’ to bring self-sustaining global peace and reconciliation.”

Her other educational degrees and accomplishments: Graduate Degree from The Catholic University of America, Post Graduate degree from Marymount University, Researcher at National Institute on Aging, Advanced Certification in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and a Certificate in Addiction Counseling.

Atsuko Mochizuki, Tech and Content

Atsuko Mochizuki received her BA in English from Montclair State University, and is active in service to The Settlement Project, and related peace organizations.

Otniel Mbingamanga, Tech

Otniel Mbingamanga is a native German of Congolese origin, who is currently studying computer science at Furtwangen University. He is fluent in three languages. Mr. Mbingamanga directs tech needs for Settlement Project and related organizations, as well as serving efforts in nonprofit work and character development training.


Chris Kenedy, Research

Chris Kenedy, a Virginia native holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Chemistry, and a Masters of Science in Chemistry from George Mason University. Chris presently works to foster intercultural and interreligious unity, with a focus on responsible use of emerging technologies in biotechnology and artificial intelligence.