Big Tech

Increasingly Big Tech companies, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, are suppressing the dissemination of ideas that do not fit their view of the truth. Because of their massive resources and reach, this is an extremely dangerous development for a free society. In effect, they are acting as censors of the news and information, a function traditionally fulfilled by totalitarian regimes, whether Socialist, Fascist or Communist.


Journalist Allum Bokhari has spent four years investigating the tech giants that dominate the Internet: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. He has discovered a dark plot to seize control of the flow of information, and utilize that power to its full extent – to censor, manipulate, and ultimately sway the outcome of democratic elections. His network of whistleblowers inside Google, Facebook and other companies explain how the tech giants now see themselves as “good censors,” benevolent commissars controlling the information we receive to “protect” us from “dangerous” speech.

They reveal secret methods to covertly manipulate online information without us ever being aware of it, explaining how tech companies can use big data to target undecided voters. They lift the lid on a plot four years in the making – a plot to use the power of technology to stop Donald Trump’s re-election