The Chinese Communist Party

Today the greatest threat to individual freedom and world peace is posed by the Chinese Communist Party. Its ruthless control of the Chinese people, including the oppression of religious minorities (including Christians, Falun Gong practitioners and Muslim Uighers), and its subversion of governments around the world, all fueled by a booming economy built on investment by, and trade with, companies in non-Communist countries, makes the CCP a lethal force in the world. These books and other educational material paint a picture of the true nature of Communist China.

Mao: The Unknown Story
Published 2006
By Jung Chang

Chang, the author of the Wild Swans Over China, examines the man most identified with the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), its fight to seize power from the Nationalists in China, and its brutal policies as the ruling party that lead to the death of an estimated 70 million Chinese. This book reflects decades of research by Chang into Mao, giving insight into his character and the shaping of China into a Communist state.


Wild Swans:
Three Daughters of China

Published 2003
By Jung Chang

Chang takes the reader inside China in this account of three generations of her family living in 20th Century China. Beginning in a feudal state ruled by warlords, her family experiences the arrival of Communism, the disastrous Cultural Revolution and its aftermath. With her sharp eye for human character and societal norms, Chang shows how Communism destroyed the traditional Confucian culture of her country, turning the young against the old, students against teachers. The consequence was the development of a grotesque new society in which family, friends and associates were turned into enemies who could turn on you and ruin your life.


A detailed review of the worsening situation of religious people in today’s China, including the outright repression and persecution of many religious minorities, including: Protestant Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, Uighur Muslims, and Falun Gong.


Hidden Hand:
Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World

Published 2020
By Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg

This is a detailed examination of China’s penetration of Europe and North America, following the lines of influence via Chinese organizations themselves and institutions in the West that partner with China. China’s rapidly developing economy has given the ruling Communist Party of China the wherewithal to project its interests and influence around the world, in particular through investments in strategic industries and projects.

China in the 21st Century:
What Everyone Needs to Know

Published 2013
By Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom and Maura Elizabeth Cunningham

In a few short decades China has been transformed from one of the poorest countries in the world to a global superpower. The rapidly expanding economy has translated into a rapidly expanding military, enabling China to throw its weight around in Asia and to project its influence around the globe. Yet its internal repression of minorities, it’s takeover of Hong Kong, and other violations of human rights cast doubts as to China’s ability to be a credible global leader. (A recent edition is available.)

Hong Kong on the Brink

Published 2020
By Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

The situation in Hong Kong is going through rapid changes. This short book puts the events unfolding there in a historical perspective. Since its writing, Beijing has passed a new law that essentially voids the 1997 agreement with Britain under which Hong Kong was to enjoy at least 50 years of relative autonomy from Beijing.

Pillsbury is a leading expert and critic of China. In this book he discusses China’s long-term strategy to supplant America as the leading global superpower. Fluent in Mandarin, he takes readers into the inner thinking and workings of China’s leadership. He demonstrates how America has been wittingly and unwittingly contributing to China’s ambition, through a range of investments, trade arrangements and other incentives.

This latest book on China by Gertz puts the current situation in perspective. Gertz shows how the West’s calculation that a China engaged in international trade would abandon its expansionist ambitions has proven hopelessly wrong. But the consequences of this view have actually facilitated the opposite: the West’s foolish funding of China and transferring technology to the Communist state. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, China has grown increasingly aggressive in its foreign policy, using money and technology supplied by the West to challenge the global status quo in the early 21st Century as never before.

Spalding reveals the extent of China’s penetration of American institutions, compromising national security, and making China the leading threat to America. He shows that China’s aggression is expressed in a range of channels, including diplomacy, technology, education, infrastructure, and military. The extent of Chinese infiltration represents a huge threat to the future of America, and reversing this influence is a monumental task.

Communist China’s War Inside America
Published 2020
By Brian T. Kennedy

Kennedy is the head of the Committee on the Present Danger / China. His book shows how China has pursued a decades-long strategy to corrupt and manipulate America’s elites. This effort amounts to an attack on America by non-military means.

The Coming Collapse of China
Published 2001
By Gordon C. Chang

Chang, a leading expert on China, points out the underlying weaknesses of Communist China. The centralized economy is unable to respond efficiently to market forces, the banks are heavily over-leveraged, corruption eats away at the fabric of society that sustains the state. Although much has changed in China since this was written, the fundamental frailty of the Chinese system is unchanged.