The Settlement Project envisions a world in which all people live freely and in peace, served by governments that preserve and protect inalienable and irrevocable God-given rights. Achieving this requires discrediting false ideologies and political philosophies, and replacing them with sound principles and bases for building a world of enduring freedom and peace, under God.


The Settlement Project promotes individual freedom, within just and equitable societies, and champions efforts to counter and replace the destructive forces of materialism, including Marxism and derivative philosophies and ideologies. This work is carried out through education and advocacy targeting educational institutions, politics, media, Big Tech, and Communist regimes. See details.

Human Rights


All people in all nations have God-given rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, peaceable assembly, and equal rights under the law.



Does Transgender Activism Grow the Frequency of Teen Suicide?  

 Transgender activists accuse and bludgeon concerned parents and citizens with the "suicide card" "Your intolerance causes "trans-people" to commit suicide 6 times more than their control group counterparts?" What seems horribly obvious (No, your greed industry of destroying innocent lives of people in need does) is never said aloud.

Read the data and the history of this aggressive movement

The State Apparatus of Ideology: The Cauldron of CRT

Americans are most concerned about CRT being taught to young children even in pre-school. But the thought systems of racial hatred and division start and develop somewhere. Where do these grade school teachers come from? Where do they get their ideas?

Read about creating CRT Ideology here

Alerts Archive: an excellent education resource with useful information. 


The Settlement Project is open to all people everywhere. It exists to serve humanity and the shared desire for a peaceful world under God. It is supported by donations from people and organizations that share its vision and support its programs.



Marshi Smith, 2005 NCAA Champion in the 100 meter backstroke (University of Arizona), founder of Women for Fairness in Sports. Pioneer with Our Bodies Our Sports.

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