The Settlement Project envisions a world in which all people live freely and in peace, served by governments that preserve and protect inalienable and irrevocable God-given rights. Achieving this requires discrediting false ideologies and political philosophies, and replacing them with sound principles and bases for building a world of enduring freedom and peace, under God.


The Settlement Project promotes individual freedom, within just and equitable societies, and champions efforts to counter and replace the destructive forces of materialism, including Marxism and derivative philosophies and ideologies. This work is carried out through education and advocacy targeting educational institutions, politics, media, Big Tech, and Communist regimes. See details.

Human Rights


All people in all nations have God-given rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, peaceable assembly, and equal rights under the law.



Settlement Project President Speaks with Radio Host David Hernandez

On April 29, 2023, Settlement Project President, Dr. Frank Kaufmann appeared on David Hernandez's LA Hispanic Republican Club Program of Radio 870 "The Answer." David Hernandez, Chairman of LA Hispanic Republican Club was joined by co-host Emilio Martinez to discuss The Settlement Project and its conference from earlier that day, current issues in American society, and other hot topics of interest.

Listen to the interview here:


On April 17, 2023 Mr. Robert Spitz, Southern California Settlement Project representative appeared on La Hispanic Republican Club Radio hour on "AM 8790 The Answer," hosted by David Hernandez, Chairman of The Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club, with co-host Jeffi Girgenti. Radio 870 The Answer is known as "radio where the Truth always has been told and shared with others."


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The Settlement Project is open to all people everywhere. It exists to serve humanity and the shared desire for a peaceful world under God. It is supported by donations from people and organizations that share its vision and support its programs.



Does your child attend a government school? Will your child be subject to sexual grooming and predation? Will your child be taught race hatred and division? Will they be taught to doubt themselves, distrust their family, or hate their country? We hope not. 

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