Ibrahim X. Kendi's Ideas are Plain Wrong, Harvard or Not 

Fairfax County Public Schools paid Kendi $20,000, or $333.33 per minute to be in a chat room with them for an hour. The Town of Barrington, R.I., hosted a one-hour video call with Kendi, which cost them $15,000 for the one-hour video call, or $250 per minute. Not bad for being oppressed in the horrible, racist country Kendi calls home.

Read this clear and simple explanation of how Kendi's ideas are false in the most basic and long established ways

             After Years of  Deceit and Waste, Some Congress Members Finally Seek to Tackle the Issue of Foreign Influence in America Honestly 

For close to six years, Americans have been burdened with provenly false accusations about foreign influence in American politics. President Trump was hobbled by a sinister scheme to cripple his administration and illegally and criminally remove him from power

Read here about efforts to take up the issue of foreign influence sincerely

Alerts Archive: an excellent education resource with useful information 


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