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American Freedom Needs Religions in Harmony
By Kevin McCarthy with Chris Kenedy

Kevin McCarthy speaks insightfully and graciously on the concept of American Exceptionalism. This is not bluster and brag. Rather it is a trust with great responsibility, requiring humility, constant vigilance, and unwavering embrace of spiritual and humanitarian sacrifice meant to serve people in the world family of nations.

Talking Points Guide
By Campus Reform


Dueling Populisms
By Victor Davis Hanson

Written in O’Rourke’s typically humorous style, this is a serious book. Dissatisfied with works on economics he had read, he set out to find out which economic theories work and which are a waste of paper. He studied places as diverse as Tanzania, Sweden and Hong Kong, to find out which applied theories actually produce the most benefits for the people. This is a great primer on economics for a sensible person. It demonstrates the foolishness of believing in the promises of Socialism, and shows that free people, free markets and the rule of law are the most important ingredients for a successful economy.

The History of Socialism and Capitalism
By Niall Ferguson and Victor Davis Hanson

The Rise of Democratic Socialism
By Dr. Anne Bradley