Purpose, Priorities & Activities


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The Mission of The Settlement Project

Our Purpose

Thirty years after the so-called fall of Communism, Americans were shocked to see some of their greatest cities for months awash in flames, mayhem, and violence, perpetrated by self-avowed Marxist-trained agitators. More disturbing, the radicals in the street were actively supported by members of Congress, governors, mayors, news and entertainment media, professors, teachers, major corporations, unions, and social media titans. Simultaneously, China (also supported by US politicians, media and corporate leaders) attacked America with espionage, the infiltration of corporate sports and news media, threats to US allies in South Asia, and much more.

Clearly, the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellites at the end of the 1980s did not result in the death of Communism itself. Communism as a ruling ideology had failed in Russia and the East Bloc, but it continued to serve oppressive regimes in China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea and Cuba. In the West it gained strength by infiltrating social and civic institutions with totalitarian, critical ideologies designed to undermine traditional Judeo-Christian values of Western Civilization, and replace them with philosophies of permanent rage, and a malignant antipathy for wholesome life.

Exposing these emerging manifestations and extensions of early Communism for what they are, and working to counter them wherever they appear, is the pressing work of The Settlement Project. To this end, The Settlement Project supports thinkers and leaders committed to building nations of free people, uncorrupted by Marxist and other destructive materialistic ideologies. Furthermore, it supports the development and promulgation of alternative philosophies and systems of government, based on enduring principles that recognize God as the source of human life and happiness.

In sum: The Settlement Project:

  • Champions the desire of all people to live freely and in peace.
  • Maintains that enduring freedom and a peaceful world are attainable.
  • Maintains that faith and family are the foundations of free and peaceful societies because they most fully embody and advance God-given natural rights.
  • Maintains that formal education should be principled and patriotic.
  • Maintains that atheistic Marxism, its derivatives, and other materialist ideologies, are the greatest threat to a peaceful world because they foster avarice, greed for power, resentment, and violence, resulting in oppression and totalitarianism.
  • Advocates for the replacement of Marxism, its derivatives, and other materialist philosophies, with principled philosophies that support free societies and effectively address inequities and injustices.


 Our Priorities

The Settlement Project currently works on two fronts:

  1. Countering the damage done to free societies by Cultural Totalitarianism:
    • Faith & Family
    • Media (News & Entertainment)
    • Education (Primary, Secondary, Higher)
    • Corporate boards and corporate culture
    • Big Tech and social media
    • Electoral politics and political activism
  1. Countering the influence and activity of the Chinese Communist Party:
    • Domestically: To protect Chinese citizens from harm
    • Internationally: To expose and resist aggression, espionage, and infiltration


Our Activities

The Settlement Project:

  • Produces and disseminates analyses and critiques of atheistic Marxism, Marxism-derived philosophies, and other materialist ideologies, including their theories and histories.
  • Produces and disseminates works that articulate alternatives to materialism: ideas for individuals, families, societies, and nations that champion God-given rights and responsibilities.
  • Promotes and helps coordinate work and activities that advance our purpose and principles.
  • Convenes seminars and other events and activities that expose and challenge the Marxist theory and agenda, advancing instead alternatives grounded in God-given natural rights and responsibilities.