What We Do

The Settlement Project strengthens Principled Conservatism with the power to transcend history's relentless Left-Right conflict. 

Settlement: The point from which to set in motion a political era that grows free societies unencumbered by virulent opposition from political and cultural forces rooted in resentment-driven, degenerative-repressive ideologies.

The Settlement Project worldview is critical of atheistic Marxism and other materialistic ideologies, and espouses alternatives that are rooted in a belief in the Divine and a recognition that enduring freedom and peace are only possible through the development of societies that honor our Creator as the source of our rights and responsibilities. These principles are articulated in the Universal Declaration of Natural Rights and Responsibilities. Our worldview and how it relates to the various challenges posed by materialistic ideologies in the world today are addressed in these pages, which include relevant news and analysis.


Cultural Marxism

    • Faith and Family
    • Education (Primary, Secondary, Higher)
    • Media (News & Entertainment)
    • Big Tech and Social Media
    • Electoral Politics & Political Activism
    • Corporate Boards and Culture


The Chinese Communist Party

    • Domestic Policy
    • Foreign Policy