Fruitful relationships among people and nations come from living according to laws arising from God’s* truth and love, as do our inalienable rights and responsibilities, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Governments exist to protect these rights and responsibilities. Nations and institutions enter into voluntary agreements with one another to extend this protection beyond their borders.

Any behavior by people and governments divorced from our divine purpose and natural laws is prone to spawn abuse of others, increase human suffering, and desecrate creation. Free citizens can and should design governments, institutions, and international agreements that protect and promote human well-being, happiness, and the free exercise of our divine rights and responsibilities.

Relationships among people, organizations and governments should be based on these truths:

  1. Human beings and the universe are created by God,* whose purpose is love and joy for every person.
  1. Humans exist to live together in peace, shared prosperity, freedom, and mutual kindness, which is achieved by living in harmony with our Godly nature and natural laws.
  1. Humans are created in God’s image and endowed with free will. Freely-made decisions in concert with natural laws enable us to achieve our shared purpose.
  1. Humans achieve wholesome lives and societies by the free exercise of inalienable rights and responsibilities.
  1. Families are the cornerstone of human life, love, and lineage, and the basis for a compassionate and peaceful world.
  1. Governments exist to protect and support our God-given rights and responsibilities.
  1. Governments and people together must protect and nurture the environment, our original home.

*  Our world family is filled with people of profound faith, and people of conscience, good by every measure, who do not use God language. Please render this declaration with your right language to reference the ideal, the Infinite, Beneficent, All that we may build this world together as one.

Tools to Endorse The Universal Declaration

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