Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning 

Xi Van Fleet addresses Mid-Atlantic Settlement Project conference, May 2023 Xi Van Fleet, a friend of the Settlement Project, has recently released a compelling cautionary tale. Xi’s latest book, Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning, recounts her personal experiences of living …

Holiday Greetings from The Settlement Project

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“Tradition, Family, and Values,” Settlement Project, 2023 Autumn Meeting in Torrance, California 

The Southern California, Autumn Settlement Project Conference co-sponsored with Californians for Equal Rights (CFER) and Turning Point, USA was held Saturday, October 7, 2023 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Torrance High School Little …

Phil Bell from FreedomWorks Speaks on Effective Remedies for ESG

On May 20, 2023, The Settlement Project hosted a conference with Heritage Action, Turning Point USA and FreedomWorks, entitled, “Tradition and Family: Values for a Healthy, Stable, and Strong America.” The conference advanced the work of The Settlement Project. Participants …


Sovereignty and Harmony by Dr. Frank Kaufmann

A workingman’s guide to assessing what’s going on around us. The nature of reality is hierarchical and manifests strength, power, and size as elements by …

Sovereignty in Times of Radical Uncertainty

Podcast Transcript We are living through a time of extreme uncertainty, instability, and insecurity.
There are two forces driving this. One is the blinding speed of technology.
In itself, this should be positive. It is progress. But as pointed out …

Washington is Recalibrating its Asia Strategy


The Settlement Project is concerned with the domestic health and well-being of America not purely from gratitude and love of country, but also because America should humbly show an ideal for social and political life for all people seeking freedom and equality…

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Settlement Project President Speaks with Radio Host David Hernandez

On April 29, 2023, Settlement Project President, Dr. Frank Kaufmann appeared on David Hernandez’s LA Hispanic Republican Club Program of Radio 870 “The Answer.” David Hernandez, Chairman of LA Hispanic Republican Club was joined by co-host Emilio Martinez to discuss The Settlement Project and its conference from earlier that day, current issues in American society, and other hot topics of interest.

Listen to the interview here:

Robert Spitz interview with David Hernandez, La Hispanic Republican Club Radio hour on “AM 870 The Answer”

On April 17, 2023 Mr. Robert Spitz, Southern California Settlement Project representative appeared on
La Hispanic Republican Club Radio hour on “AM 8790 The Answer,” hosted by David Hernandez,
Chairman of The Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club, with co-host Jeffi Girgenti. Radio 870 The Answer is known as “radio where the Truth always has been told and shared with others.”



Americans Threatened by Unconstitutional Free Speech Encroachment 

 The US Constitution protects citizens from government censorship so that we may work together freely to build a free and happy life together. US State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC) used a cutout corporation headed by a former intelligence officer to fund and promote the blacklisting of conservative media outlets.

Read this lengthy, alarming Federalist Epose here

Comments on the April 4, 2023 Indictment of President Trump  

President Trump Frank Kaufmann, April 5, 2023, New York — The indictment of President Donald J Trump yesterday at the Manhattan Courthouse in the southern district has drawn literally gallons of print ink and miles of video and media commentary

Read this first-hand report here

Equity is Not Equality

“Equity” is a Neo-Marxist euphemism for resource redistribution to favored racial and ethnic groups. Equity isn’t equality; its meaning and use are deliberately inverted to mislead

Read about the dangers of the Equity Atlas here

The Serious Threat to Religious Freedom and Freedom of Conscience   

This article details recent threats from the FBI and US government agencies to the most sacred right in the US Constitution

Read this first-hand report here


Tulsi Gabbard Testifies on the Weaponization of the US Government Against its Citizens

Listen to Ms. Gabbard’s opening statement before House Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal


Entire Video Testimony here

Xi Is Smiling Down on You

The New York Times vs Montana. Coasts and Cities vs the Heartland. Who broke the news? Who told the truth?

Read this essay from a Montanan who foiled Biden Administration’s concealment and  secrecy

Read this first-hand report here



Photo by Yaroslav Danylchenko

Courageous Article from Medical Student

Whether we agree or disagree with the considered opinion seen here, it is now past time that we as a nation and as a world community garner the collective strength to think together and work to set aright what was broken during the Covid scare. Kevin Bass’s reflections are important toward this end. 

Read this thoughtful article here



Who is Klaus Schwab, What is WEF (World Economic Forum)?

As we read news of the annual meeting of WEF in Davos, Switzerland this week, it is important for concerned citizens, and educated activists to have a clear, informed understanding of the roots and purposes of Mr. Schwab, and WEF.

Read this important article here



How You are Surveilled by Your Government and by Corporations

You are surveilled through your phone and movementsyour DNAyour face, your behavior,  your spending and consumer activities, your public activities, your social media activities, your social network,  your car, and your mail. (And there are more than just these.)

Read this highly concerning article here


Abuse of the Terms Safety and Harm to Advance Totalitarian State  

Companies have gone from trying to prevent people from being kidnapped or exposed to pornography to trying to keep them from encountering unwelcome ideas or potentially offensive speech.

Read this important article here


Who Won the Midterms by Frank Kaufmann

Settlement Project President, Frank Kaufmann comments on the surprising results of the 2022 Midterm Election

Read Frank Kaufmann’s Article here


With Just 10 Days to the Midterm Elections, Victor Davis Hanson Explains the State of the Two Parties

Read Davis’s Clear and Insightful Article here


Elon Musk to Own Twitter 

Watch Darren Beattie of Revolver News explain the magnitude of the significance of this development (The Beattie content is important to hear, even for those with a visceral bias against Tucker Carlson)

With Just 10 Days to the Midterm Elections, Victor Davis Hanson Explains the State of the Two Parties

Read Davis’s Clear and Insightful Article here



Georgia Meloni’s Comments on Family and Identity 


                                        Watch video here



Prayers, Respect, Gratitude  

 The Settlement Project family offers prayers for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and extends condolences for her immediate family and all who grieve her passing. Queen Elizabeth has been a figure of faith, grace, and sincere human striving toward leadership and virtue.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


What is MAGA 

A new immigrant to the United States explains MAGA


                                        Watch video here


Marshi Smith, 2005 NCAA Champion in the 100 meter backstroke (University of Arizona), founder of Women for Fairness in Sports. Pioneer with Our Bodies Our Sports.

Follow Marshi. Join her courageous stand for women, for common sense, and for us all.



Does Transgender Activism Grow the Frequency of Teen Suicide?

 Transgender activists accuse and bludgeon concerned parents and citizens with the “suicide card” “Your intolerance causes “trans-people” to commit suicide 6 times more than their control group counterparts?” What seems horribly obvious (No, your greed industry of destroying innocent lives of people in need does) is never said aloud.

Read the data and the history of this aggressive movement


The State Apparatus of Ideology: The Cauldron of CRT

Americans are most concerned about CRT being taught to young children even in pre-school. But the thought systems of racial hatred and division start and develop somewhere. Where do these grade school teachers come from? Where do they get their ideas?

Read about creating CRT Ideology here


Take Action on Title IX – Read Heritage Action Guidelines 

 Biden Admin proposed redefinition will alter the enforcement of Title IX across the country. Women will be deprived of privacy and safety

Find out what actions you can take here


When thinking about the Bill of Rights, learn about Compelled Speech, not just censorship

Censorship by the state, by corporations, and throughout culture has become de rigeur in what were once free democracies. But censorship is only the beginning of the problem in First Amendment violations.

Read about Compelled Speech here


Extensive Article on China’s Totalitarian Surveillance Strategies

Xi Jinping is using artificial intelligence to enhance his government’s totalitarian control—and he’s exporting this technology to regimes around the globe.

Read article here


The Corporate Media Aristocracy, Completely Out Of Touch

As wealthy media call inflation secondary in importance to the wall to wall media debacle covering the widely ignored J6 kangaroo trials, read the history of calling elections stolen and illegitimate

Read article here


What does the term “non-binary” mean? It appears on all California student information forms, and around elsewhere the United States!

This is important for parents, and all concerned with the direction of what American young people are subject to in many government run schools

Read the article here


Data on Social Institutions Related to 1973 Roe v Wade Decision 

John R. Lott in the Federalist, looks at data and statistics related to Marriage, adoption, single parenthood, out-of-wedlock births, premarital sex, and other developments since the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision,

Read article here


Traditional Democrat Voting Block Crumbles Under Biden and Kleptocracy

Young citizens awaken to the generational grand larceny that has been perpetrated against them by the ruling class….

Read the article here


The Takeover of America’s Legal System

The imperatives of race, gender and identity are more important to more and more law students than due process, and the presumption of innocence,

Read Aaron Sibarium article here


What exactly is equity? 

The notion sounds sweet and eminently fair for all. Unfortunately it is just the opposite.  It is the elemental poison that provides cover for those using bigotry, racism, and flagrant sexism as the means to personal power.

Read the article here


Taylor Lorenz CC BY 3.0

Understand How Privileged Elite Designed the Way to Freely Destroy Minorities and the Working Class

Corporate journalists have license to use their huge platforms to malign, expose and destroy anyone they want. Your moral duty: sit in respectful silence and never object.

Important Glen Greenwald article here



We must understand the sinister side of “Woke Capitalism”

Woke Capitalism is not merely a cynical cover for the pursuit of greed, It is an integrated element in a net of aggression against human rights and freedom. Michael Rechtentwald helps us learn  the subtleties, and the dangers of a difficult force to counter

Article here


CCP Spying via Mandatory Olympic Phone App?

A U.S. researcher is flagging a security flaw in a smartphone app that is mandatory for all those attending the 2022 Winter Olympics, describing what he found as “nefarious and concerning.”

Read article here


The most dangerous and direct assault on American life in recent memory

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just published a bulletin defining political opinion as terrorism

Article here



Transgender manipulation of children even affecting small, rural towns

“School administrators in Coeur d’Alene manipulated an 11-year-old girl into believing she was a boy and should undergo gender transition surgery,” …  while purposefully choosing not to inform the child’s parents.”

Article here



Combatting Woke Indoctrination of Children 

“The children’s book industry, as it stands now, is extremely woke,” Mandel said, referring to books focused on “racial justice,” “equity,” and “inclusion,” terms often used by advocates of critical race theory (CRT), a quasi-Marxist school of thought that claims that the United States is systemically racist..

Article here



Settlement Project and Co-hosts Sponsor Los Angeles Meet to Reclaim the Providence for America

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, The Settlement Project with several hosts and sponsors hosted a one-day meeting, among 32 serious and distinguished participants from across the USA. (West Coast, Montana, NYC, Washington, D.C., VA, more).

Article here



Settlement Project Co-Founder Releases “The Triumph of Good”

Thomas Cromwell’s Triumph of Good: Cain, Abel and the End of Marxism has been released by East West Publishing (December 17, 2021), and is now available on Amazon in print and digital editions.

Read Jack Ashworth’s review here


NYC Eric Adams signs into law on a Sunday that close to a million New York non-citizens can vote!

The new law, which the city council passed a month ago, will grant voting rights to any adult who has been a lawful permanent resident in the city for more than 30 days

Article here


Cancel Culture is not Just about Dave Chapelle, Not at All 

The threat to free expression goes well beyond high-profile cancellations. Balaker tells of the dark universe of “pre-cancelations,” infecting every part of culture, and poisoning even the lives of young students

Read this subtle but clear account of how purveyors of “oppressor oppressed” dogma are destroying American life


American Scholars Hiring 100 Professors for new education program

American Scholars has just announced that they are in the process of hiring 100 professors!

We are adding a new division to our platform that can bring pro-American education into millions of homes. 

We are hiring up to 100 professors to teach within a live pro-American educational marketplace, the first of its kind. 

See the American Scholars application here.


After Years of  Deceit and Waste, Some Congress Members Finally Seek to Tackle the Issue of Foreign Influence in America Honestly 

For close to six years, Americans have been burdened with provenly false accusations about foreign influence in American politics. President Trump was hobbled by a sinister scheme to cripple his administration and illegally and criminally remove him from power

Read here about efforts to take up the issue of foreign influence sincerely


Ibrahim X. Kendi’s Ideas are Plain Wrong, Harvard or Not 

Fairfax County Public Schools paid Kendi $20,000, or $333.33 per minute to be in a chat room with them for an hour. The Town of Barrington, R.I., hosted a one-hour video call with Kendi, which cost them $15,000 for the one-hour video call, or $250 per minute. Not bad for being oppressed in the horrible, racist country Kendi calls home.

Read this clear and simple explanation of how Kendi’s ideas are false in the most basic and long established ways


Why is it de rigeur for high school and college aged Americans to presume America is bad? Where does this come from?

Listen to 5 minutes from Mary Graybar as she presents clear insights and facts on “the Book That Poisoned a Generation

Listen here


Introducing the work of The Brownstone Institute

Brownstone Institute looks to influence a post-lockdown world by generating new ideas in public health, scientific discourse, economics, and social theory, to defend and promote the liberty that is critical for an enlightened society from which everyone benefits. The purpose is to point the way toward a better understanding of essential freedoms – including intellectual freedom and free speech – and the proper means to preserve essential rights even in times of crisis.

Watch the clear and stirring speech by Professor Dr. Julie Ponesse at The Brownstone Institute



11 of the 12 Senators on the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Data Security Receive Google Money

The Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Data Security held a hearing on Tuesday, October 26 (where it questioned executives from YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok about the negative impact of their platforms on minors).

Full article here


The Settlement Project Honors Our Heroes, Men and Women in Uniform 

God Bless America. Thank you Veterans

Respect and gratitude – listen here



The Settlement Project Sheds Big Tech Censorship

After several instances of Facebook taking down the mildest and most moderate Settlement Project content, we happily are setting up camp in Rumble and Gettr. NOT because these are “conservative” platforms, but because these platforms do not violate the United States Constitution, and do not violate human rights by imposing repressive censorship. Please join us in our new homes for social media. Please like and subscribe too. And please keep up the fight for the rights of all people.

Find Settlement on Rumble —  Find Settlement on Gettr

Read about Zuckerberg’s Enemies List, and His $419 Million investment in Democrats in the 2o2o US elections 

Sam Biddle of The Intercept makes clear what makes Facebook itself a danger to society, exploiting ever rotating sides of “being a private company” on the one hand, and participating in unwarranted, secret surveillance of US and world citizens unaware that their constitutionally guaranteed rights are being constantly violated by this so-called “private company.”

Read  about Facebook’s troubling surveillance and political meddling here


Are Parents of School Children Domestic Terrorists? Merrick Garland’s Horrifying Conflict of interest 

In an historically unprecedented act, Attorney General Garland treads into chilling treachery against parents who live and have children in the United States.

Read  about AG Garland’s Conflict of Interest here


Reclaiming the Providence for America

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, The Settlement Project with other co sponsors, hosted a one-day meeting, among fifteen serious and distinguished participants from the Washington D.C. and New York areas. In this meeting, we look at the nature of threats to our country and what people of faith and of conscience can do to team up effectively. Real trust and union are needed to eliminate threats to our families and culture. A deeper bond among communities and individuals sensitive to providence is needed to reclaim our freedoms and culture.

Read more about the event here


Microsoft-owned LinkedIn censors Americans at China’s behest

LinkedIn, the only major American social media platform that operates in China, censors American users on behalf of the ruling Communist Party.

LinkedIn bows down to the Chinese government by blocking the profiles of Americans who refer to the Asian superpower in a critical fashion.

Read article here


   Help understanding terms like “equity,” and “disparate impact” in Washington Examiner article

Washington Examiner article, In NYC, the ‘equity’ brigade clashes with the vaccine ‘Gestapo’helps readers grasp double speak terms, as minorities begin to see the exploitation perpetrated against them by the elite who seek status and prosperity at thir expense

                               Read article here

Some reasons why the CCP seeks to destroy America and free Western culture

All philosophies of resentment must have ties to legitimate grievances. Communist and post Communist efforts to destroy stable societies, either by domestic savagery and agitation, or from external hostile powers waging war by every means (including non-military), would not have adherents were it not for their philosophies accurately identifying genuine grievances. 

Continue reading here

Continued weaponization of US intelligence agencies

The NSA cannot legally target the communications of Americans without an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court. The Obama administration abused this process to obtain information from NSA reports about Trump campaign officials in 2016, Who from the Biden administration made the unmasking request for Carlson’s name from NSA Read the article here

Folly and falsehood of CRT exposed by liberal historian

No More Dead White Men
Ancient Greeks and Romans didn’t see themselves as White.

“Progressives concede to white supremacists that ancient and medieval history *IS* really just about dead white men.  It’s not. In fact, that’s just a modern racist fantasy imposed upon the past.”

Continue reading here (also see image credits)


It is impossible to change one’s gender

Gender identity is an invented term . It refers to a person’s internal sense of who he or she is. The term attempts to detach gender from bodily and biological reality. In truth, gender is inseparable from biological sex because it’s the expression of one’s biological sex. Though expressions may vary, gender—like sex—cannot ultimately be changed.

Continue reading here


So called “Private Corporations” and the Whitehouse collude to violate the U.S. Constitution

White House press secretary Jen Psaki had explained how the administration was working with social media companies, including Facebook, in the hope of getting them to adopt what she called “a robust enforcement strategy” … We are in regular touch with these social media platforms, and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff,

Learn who are the people and organizations dedicated to altering the makeup of the US Supreme Court The Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court created by Mr. Biden or by people manipulating the the Executive Branch held its second meeting July 20, hearing from 27 witnesses. To no one’s surprise the meeting was dominated by the purpose to “pack the Supreme Court.” Read this article to see who are some major figures in the crusade.

Continue reading here

Western Powers Accuse CCP of  Widespread Cybercrime Western officials yesterday accused China of deliberately sponsoring widespread cybercrime, including an expansive hack into Microsoft Exchange Server that exposed at least 30,000 US organizations. The joint statement is the most forceful allegation of its kind to date against China, and was signed by the US, the UK, the EU, Canada, Australia, and NATO, among others.
Continued Illegal Government Spying Nothing says Totalitarian Regime like the weaponizing of Intelligence forces against innocent citizens. Five years ago a lame duck administration illegally spied on a US presidential candidate, and now we have the NSA not just spying on a member of the press! But further, leaking their abusive invasion to the public!  This is the stuff of the worst and most base dictatorships
Christian Motivational Speaker Starts Bank in Response to the Rise of Cancel Culture in the Private Sector Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker who traveled the world through his organization to speak to millions about his Christian faith, became a co-founder of a pro-life bank after he was kicked out of his bank. Vujicic said that his new bank, Pro-life Bank, will be a religious for-profit entity and will not fund abortion. Read the article here

 “Sensitive services” for any child 12 or older, without parental knowledge or consent.

Toxic Pathologies Plaguing US Politics

Baselessly accusing people of being Russian agents and weaponizing accusations of sexual misconduct are reputation-destroying cancers at the heart of liberal discourse..

Full article here

Wikipedia: More Biased than Ever

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger writes: ““In short, and with few exceptions, only globalist, progressive mainstream sources—and sources friendly to globalist progressivism—are permitted,”.

Truly freedom is a gift of God. Galatians 5:13, For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.
It means that freedom, yes, is a gift, but it is not a gift without purpose.

Happy Birthday, America! The Settlement Project wishes all Americans a Happy 4th of July. Congratulations, America—Sunday marks the 245th commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress. The Congress actually voted to separate from Great Britain two days earlier, and possibly didn’t sign the document until early August. Some argue the US didn’t fully become a country until we began operating under the Constitution in 1789.     Full article here

The Settlement Project urges our friends and readers to familiarize ourselves with the Coldwater Media project.
The cultural influence of media—including movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos—is being felt with greater significance today than arguably any other time in history. James Fitzgerald founded ColdWater Media to promote the values so many Americans hold dear.  — The Daily Signal

The Best Indicator of Anti American Activism is Elitism

The Treasury Department “held a training session telling employees that ‘virtually all white people contribute to racism’ and demanding that white staff members ‘struggle to own their racism.’”

Howard Ross, who led the training at the Treasury Department, has “billed the federal government more than $5 million for diversity training over the past 15 years,” Rufo said.

Ibram X. Kendi, author of the book “How to Be an Antiracist,” has also benefited financially from giving critical race theory training. Last September, the school district in Virginia’s Fairfax County, a suburb of Washington, D.C., paid Kendi $20,000 to give a one-hour anti-racism online lecture to teachers and school leaders. Article here.

Why do Teachers Unions Promote Woke ideology?

While attending an Equity & Human Rights Conference in Torrance, California, in March 2016, Lebsack says, she spoke with union lobbyist Seth Bramble Lebsack told Bramble about a former student, a Mormon, who said he believed that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that gender is ordained by God.   “How do you think I should have responded to that student?” Lebsack recalls asking the union lobbyist. She says he responded: “You should treat that student as though he said black people should be burned at the stake.”  Continue reading here

Learn about Critical Theory Fixing K-12 Education. 10 Principles for Reform

Greg Lukianis outlines 10 clear and urgent principles to reform primary education and return to our young students education experience that gives them power, confidence, and creativity. Principles such as Principle 1: No compelled speech, thought, or belief, or Principle 3: Foster the broadest possible curiosity, critical thinking skills, and discomfort with certainty. And many more. Please read this important study.

Wokespeak: A Failed Philosophy of Self-Contradiction

Please read this clear and fairly lengthy piece that reveals how Woke Ideology and Critical Theory is designed to prevent intelligent engagement, and instead is organized to censor and oppress.

Learn about Critical Theory

Learn about key elements of Critical Theory and how it currently is being applied in institutions and organizations in Grace Daniel’s Daily Signal article. Theories likecritical race theory and queer theory basically divide society into two groups: oppressor and oppressed. The objective of critical theory is to defeat oppressors and overturn the system that benefits them.”

Big Tech autocrats facing legal action for attacks on US citizens

Kara Frederick  uses her Daily Signal report on the Crowder suit against YouTube to explain the larger problem of big tech autocrats perpetrating illegal and unconstituational attacks on US citizens Read her Daily Signal article here 

On Academic Freedom

Academic freedom means subjecting ideas to fearless criticism; only then can mere assertion be distinguished from tested knowledge.

The Western Academy has become enforcers of ideological tryanny. A crime against young minds innocently seeking education. Read “Beliefs aren’t Facts

Peaceful Protests do not “erupt” into violence. Violence is an established tactic, carefully planned in advance

It is important to understand that, for far-left radicals and would-be revolutionaries, riots are a tool to destabilize society and quite literally to dismantle established social and institutional structures.”

Read Understanding the Mind of a Rioterhere

Background to tragic violence in Israel, May 12, 2021

Corrupt, elite media will obscure causes and origins of the tragic violence engulfing the good people of Israel and Gaza. Read here for simple, important information likely not available due to the degeneration of journalism in our current time. Article here

Antiracism (harmful, divisive, ignorant of history) Challenged by Free Black Thought

To build a truly antiracist society, we need to listen to all black voices, not just those deemed “authentic.”

This insight goes a long way to explaining the current fetishization of experience, especially if it is (redundantly) “lived.” Black people from all walks of life find themselves deferred to by non-blacks

Visit Free Black Thought Website

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is built on false and untenable bases

Article here Dave Bernstein inPersuasion delineates clearly and simply, five false assumptions that disqualify Critical Race Theory (CRT). Article here

Release of “How to Protect against Wokecraft: A Manual”

Pseudonymous scholar Charles Pincourt has created this important manual to help educators and all Americans understand the pernicious content, force, and uses of “Woke-ism”

Racialist Ibram X. Kendi at the 2019 Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas, United States. (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Pincourt announced the release of his manual in Thinkspot Release of “How to Protect against Wokecraft: A Manual”

Antiracism (harmful, divisive, ignorant of history) Challenged by Free Black Thought

To build a truly antiracist society, we need to listen to all black voices, not just those deemed “authentic.”This insight goes a long way to explaining the current fetishization of experience, especially if it is (redundantly) “lived.” Black people from all walks of life find themselves deferred to by non-blacks

Visit Free Black Thought Website

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is built on false and untenable bases

Article here Dave Bernstein in Persuasion delineates clearly and simply, five false assumptions that disqualify Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Article here

China Launches New App Allowing Citizens to Report Others For Expressing “Mistaken Opinions”

New York Times Article here How is this different from the behavior of Twitter, Google, Facebook, and YouTube?  New York Times Article here

How America’s Elite exploit women, people of color, and the underclasses

Article here  Ed Bastian made $17 million in 2019 as chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines, Georgia’s largest employer. Tenured administrators and university presidents pull down seven-figure salaries.  Article here

CCP Infiltrates New York Times and other major US media

Article here Several current New York Times staffers were previously employed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-controlled English-language newspaper China Daily, which has in recent years paid U.S. media millions of dollars to publish its state-approved content. Article here

The History of Woke Ideology, Its Threat to Freedom and Human Rights

Watch here Steve Hilton offers a clear, concise account of the corrosive ideologies that have infiltrated the institutions of free societies. This explanation helps codify the many disparate attacks we see in our day to day lives Watch here

The Infiltration of US Institutions, Needed Steps to Recover

Article here “In Deep Crisis, US Will Nonetheless Recover Article hereIt is now clear that as the avalanche of “wokeness” and national self-hate has crashed over the restraining walls of the American mythos, one pillar of traditional American democracy after another has fallen. (Conrad Black)

Stop Corporate Tyranny

Attack on America and Americans by Woke Fascists has many points of entry. A massive one is the weaponization of Corporate Culture. Stop Corporate Tyranny is one home of the movement to repel this perfidious invasion

Texas moves on Big Tech

Article here “We all have to acknowledge, these social media companies are the new town square… A small group of people in San Francisco can’t dictate free speech for the rest of us.”  Article here

Parents Defending Education

Parents Defending Education is a national grassroots organization working to reclaim our schools from activists promoting harmful agendas. Visit their website here