The Path to Violence, and the Responsibility of the Citizen.

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There are now two active, world-level wars cursing our planet, the Russia-Ukraine War, and the Israel-Hamas War. These are happening during a period in which the perennial symbol for the harmonization of international differences, the United States of America has sunk into unimaginable internal strife in which the US government is holding political prisoners, and efforts are being made to imprison opposition party political candidates. Imprisoning political opposition is the characteristic of primitive, unstable dictatorships.

Sovereignty in Times of Radical Uncertainty

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We are living through a time of extreme uncertainty, instability, and insecurity.

There are two forces driving this.

One is the blinding speed of technology.

In itself, this should be positive. It is progress. But as pointed out by those who know the matter best, it also carries great threats. According to many, tech such as AI even threatens our very existence.

Washington is Recalibrating its Asia Strategy

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The Settlement Project concerns itself with the domestic health and well-being of America not purely out of proper gratitude and love of the country, but also because America strives to realize a visionary ideal for social and political life for all people.

Don’t Look Directly At The Balloon

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Were my fellow Montanans planning to take up arms against this violator of our airspace? Weren’t we famously cranky and given to self-defense? And what about Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base, which, according to the Pentagon, maintains some 150 intercontinental ballistic missile silos?