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Ed Timperlake On SecDef Austin’s Reckless Medical Disappearance


Ed Timperlake pulls no punches in his 1-15-24 American Thinker article “Lloyd Austin and our governments lack of accountability.” 

Timperlake offers clear detail to help readers understand the seriousness of Austin’s secret, reckless and ultimately dangerous medical procedure disappearance, exposing not just Austin’s abdication of responsibility, but the entire administration’s abject lack of leadership accountability and alarming disregard for US national, nuclear security.

Timperlake, himself a seasoned political and military insider, ties this unprecedented debacle to breakdowns in accountability beyond Austin. Near if not outright criminal failure is ascribed to General Charles Q. Brown, Jr., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General Mark Milley. Of course the fullness of this debacle lies squarely at the feet of Joseph R. Biden, functioning in the position of  America’s President and Commander in Chief.

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The Honorable Ed Timperlake:

Ed, a resident of Castleton, Virginia, is a former naval aviator, former government official, author, and columnist. The holder of a BS from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from Cornell, Ed also graduated from the Senior Officer “Top Gun” course and was a Marine fighter pilot in Southeast Asia, earning two Vietnam Campaign Medals. He later served as a professional staff member for the US House Committee on Rules and as a Senate-confirmed Assistant Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Ed is the author of six books, including Year of the Rat, a New York Times best seller for 22 weeks, and the editor of Defense.Info, a global national security publication. He also serves as a volunteer board member of the Vietnam Children’s Fund, which has built 52 elementary schools in Vietnam.