On Addiction by Frank Kaufmann

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The problem with addictions is that they eventually erase the adequate functioning of conscience in the host bodies they inhabit and ultimately control.

A clear marker in this descent to becoming subhuman is the juncture at which the sanctity of human life is rejected in favor of satiating the blinding demands of an addiction.

Los Angeles Settlement Project Autumn Conference on October 7, 2023

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The Settlement Project brings together leaders and activists from diverse backgrounds for a common purpose and mission. Settlement Project works to build and maintain those aspects of the American culture that promote individual freedom and responsibility, safe and healthy family life and education that is the foundation for prosperity. We seek an environment for raising our children in schools that teach respect for all and honors those who dedicate themselves to achieve something greater and better for America.

Sovereignty in Times of Radical Uncertainty

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We are living through a time of extreme uncertainty, instability, and insecurity.

There are two forces driving this.

One is the blinding speed of technology.

In itself, this should be positive. It is progress. But as pointed out by those who know the matter best, it also carries great threats. According to many, tech such as AI even threatens our very existence.