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Phil Bell from FreedomWorks Speaks on Effective Remedies for ESG


On May 20, 2023, The Settlement Project hosted a conference with Heritage Action, Turning Point USA and FreedomWorks, entitled, “Tradition and Family: Values for a Healthy, Stable, and Strong America.”

The conference advanced the work of The Settlement Project. Participants broadened their knowledge and capacity, learning from each other’s expertise and respective areas of activism.

Frank Kaufmann gave the morning keynote explaining the history and mission of The Settlement Project. The afternoon keynote presentation was offered by FreedomWorks Director of External Affairs,  Phil Bell. Phil spoke on the ESG negation of American ideals, and most importantly he provided steps that we all can take to counter this divisive and crippling influence in the areas of economy and corporate America.


Watch the video below.


Tradition and Family Values for a Healthy, Stable, and Strong America

Watch the video here: