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Mid-Atlantic Conference on Tradition and Family Values in America, May 20, 2023


On May 20, 2023, The Settlement Project together with Heritage Action and Turning Point USA hosted the conference “Tradition and Family: Values for a Healthy, Stable, and Strong America” for a diverse group of area leaders dedicated to protecting tradition and family, individual freedom, and just and moral institutions needed to increase prosperity and equality in America and for all people.

Mid-Atlantic, Settlement Project representative Carl Hagen served excellently as master of ceremonies throughout the day. The conference opened with a live performance of the America’s National Anthem by Ms. Carol McCarthy, widow of a Settlement Project founding patron, Mr. Kevin McCarthy. This was followed by self-introductions from all present and then an introduction to the history, mission, and purpose of The Settlement Project by founder, Dr. Frank Kaufmann.

After the opening Keynote, the morning panel titled “Wake up America,” comprised talks by individuals who were raised in totalitarian countries and could give based on first hand experience sobering warnings about the extreme social, cultural and political dangers facing America today. Panelists included Ms. Xi Van Fleet, who grew up in Communist China, Dr. Ileana Johnson, who grew up in Communist Romania, Rumi Forum, Executive Director of Ibrahim Anli of Turkey, Aziz Sadat who lived through the Soviet rule of Afghanistan. These panelists shared their insights and wisdom about totalitarianism expressing the urgent need for Americans to awaken to imminent threats facing our country.

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All Conference Pictures Can Be Seen Here

The afternoon started with engaging, clear thoughts from FreedomWorks Director of External Affairs, Phil Bell, who spoke on individual liberty, limited government, and the impact of DEI and ESG imperatives crippling God given freedoms, corporate life, and human ingenuity that underlies progress and prosperity.

Phil’s keynote was followed by a panel that continued on this essential theme with speakers enumerating steps citizens can take to rebuild and preserve civic and national harmony.

This panel comprised West Virginia State Legislator Patricia Rucker, Chris and Debbie Cloud, Co-Directors of the ALL PAC – American Life & Liberty, and Phil Bell. Topics from this panel included school choice, sound education, moral protection of young school children, and defense against ideologies of division, hatred, and vengeance.

Though speakers and panelists are gratefully mentioned here, nearly all participants stood equally in leadership. This was not a day of speakers and audiences. It was a working meeting dedicated to the growth of broader and stronger networks.

This, like all Settlement Project coalitions and regional networks, continues work on the ground with understanding, compassion, care, and the willingness to serve. When American life is guided by the simple vision of its founders, equality, liberty, and trust in God, we become more free to progress with dignity toward building a good and serving country.