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Southern California Conference on Tradition and Family Values in America, April 29, 2023



On April 29, 2023, The Settlement Project, together with Turning Point USA, Heritage Action, and Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER) hosted the  conference “Tradition and Family: Values for a Healthy, Stable, and Strong America” at the Downey Community Center in Downey, California. Cosponsors and the 60 conference participants are committed to a peaceful America that affirms and encourages individual freedom, religious liberty, and moral, conservative principles in American society.

Participants included Mayors Claudia Frometa (Downey), George Chen (Torrance), elected officials and candidates, nationally known activists, and organization leaders and founders from major social organizations. 

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All Conference Photos Can Be Seen Here

The conference featured speakers, panel discussions, and work sessions dedicated to the conference title, and the mission of the Settlement Project, a stable, prosperous America that serves fellow nations to build societies of free people living in peace under God.

The conference began with a welcome and brief self-introductions by all participants, followed by Dr. Kaufmann’s presentation on the history and purpose of the Settlement Project and its efforts through education and advocacy to counter and replace the destructive forces of materialism, new post-Marxist ideologies, and current Communist regimes invested in the decline of America..

The morning presenters and panel discussions focused on families, the church, education, and community harmony as vital institutions for safeguarding innocent children, and America’s values. The panelists shared their perspectives and experiences on how to protect and promote faith and family values in the face of secularism, relativism, child predation, and divisive, anti-country indoctrination. Both the talks and the questions and engagement were high energy and high-usefulness.

Speakers throughout the day included, Justin Charles, of Turning Point USA, 

Nathan Duell, of Heritage Action, Saga Conroy of CFER, activist Lebsack, Brenda of Brenda4Kids, Pastor Luis Olan, educator Larry Sand, City of Downey: Councilman Hector Sosa, community organizer Soo Yoo, Downey Mayor, Claudia Frometa, and Settlement Project patron and attorney at law, Robert Spitz. 

Though the conference was graced by the information and power of the scheduled speakers, as said above the day was for work among equals. It was not a day of speakers and audiences. 

The luncheon presentation was given by Guest of Honor Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institution, a legal defense organization that defends religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. Dacus spoke about the importance of protecting our freedoms from government overreach and judicial activism. He also highlighted some of the cases that his organization has handled or is currently handling in defense of constitutional rights.

The second panel discussion addressed the issue of leadership and the Hispanic vote. The panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities for reaching out to Hispanic voters who share conservative values but may not identify with the Republican or conservative candidates. Great insights and viable strategies were offered for increasing Hispanic participation and representation in politics.

The conference concluded with a work session where the participants proposed ideas, plans, and next steps for advancing the cause of tradition and family values in America. The participants also exchanged contact information and expressed their interest in collaborating with each other and with represented organizations in the future.

The conference continued the Settlement Project tradition of bringing together highly diverse, yet like-minded individuals who share a common vision for a healthy, stable, and strong America. The conference also provided an opportunity for learning, networking, and action for those who care about preserving and promoting tradition and family values in America.