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Brenda Ledbsack, Writing in Real Clear Politics

On June 21, 2023 during the continued intense backlash to the Los Angeles Dodgers decision to honor a frequently obscene, anti-Catholic group, Settlement Project champion Brenda Lebsack penned an important article in Real Clear Politics pointing out the tragic fact that after

The Dodgers withdrew their award in response to customer outrage and disinvited the “Sisters,” the California Teachers Association (CTA) stepped in and strong-armed the Dodgers into standing with perverts (sic) against the will of their paying customers.

The point of this particular article is to highlight the role of the California Teachers Association. This is the body that determines the fate and experience of innocent children in the California public school system.
Read Brenda’s article here:

Dodgers Strike Out With Fans, Kowtow to Radical Teachers Unions

According to Catholic Vote, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is “a vile anti-Catholic organization.” Their motto is “Go and sin some more,” and they use the cross for pole dancesThe group satirizes Catholic beliefs for the sake of activism. They mock Easter Sunday with a Hunky Jesus/Foxy Mary contest. According to the Catholic League, they hold “Midnight Confessional Contests,” awarding the “hottest confessions.”

So it makes sense that Dodgers fans came unglued when they heard their team would be rewarding the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” The Dodgers withdrew their award in response to customer outrage and disinvited the “Sisters,” but the California Teachers Association (CTA) stepped in and strong-armed the Dodgers into standing with perverts against the will of their paying customers.  CTA’s May 2023 New Business Item states, “CTA shall release a public statement condemning the Dodgers’ recent decision to rescind the Community Hero Award for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”

As veteran California teachers who’ve served within the unions and personally witnessed the radical agenda CTA imposes upon teachers, we find it suspicious that while the Dodgers are taking so much rightful heat for their June 16 celebration of the offensive “Sisters,” the CTA is getting away scot-free. CTA’s offensive intrusion into America’s national pastime and its endorsement of drag queens mocking nuns is scandalous. That’s why discerning Americans have had enough and are rising up in protest against so-called teacher unions.

Father Sebastian Walshe of St. Michael’s Abbey in the Diocese of Orange expresses, “The statement of the CTA should alarm every Catholic parent who sends their children to California public schools. No school should be a place where children are sexualized or taught anti-Catholic prejudice.”

The CTA rationalizes its stance with: “The Dodger’s decision is rooted in the same bigotry that’s led to the LGBTQIA+ books being banned, drag shows being criminalized, and life-saving medical care being taken away from minors.” But this is a deceptive statement. Americans are pushing back on pornographic books, drag queen events, and sex transition surgeries on children because these things are destructive to children and an affront to families and American values.

Catholics are not the only Americans offended by the CTA’s endorsement. Jews, Muslims, Protestants, and teachers like us are outraged as well.

Rabbi Dov Fischer, a senior congregational rabbi and law professor in California, comments in his EdSource article, “The state’s school system, established to provide a safe learning climate for all students regardless of their ethnicity, race, language or religious affiliation, is now [thanks to unions] a social laboratory where students and families from devout faiths feel ostracized.”

Dr. Ahmed Soboh, the Chairman of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, an umbrella organization of 67 mosques throughout California, agreed with the Rabbi: “Making fun of religious symbols or mocking religious figures should not be celebrated, especially by those who have the honorable job of educating our children.”

Most teachers would agree with the reasonable statements of Father Walshe, Rabbi Fischer, and Imam Soboh. However, the CTA does not represent the majority of teachers. CTA’s endorsement of the “Sisters” is offensive to most teachers, and it demonstrates the radical, out-of-touch views of CTA leadership.

Families of faith have good reason to be appalled since CTA – and its national arm NEA – misrepresent most teachers while controlling the trajectory of public education. Sahara Medrano, a dedicated veteran teacher and a minority representative of the California Teachers’ Union State Council, sees the red flags: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that a politically charged anti-Christian culture of religious intolerance is spreading throughout public school districts across our nation. If this trend continues, our public school system will break confidence with the religious community they are entrusted to serve. Students of faith are starting to boldly speak out, saying they don’t feel safe in public schools.”

Teachers don’t feel safe, either. And we have to ask, what does forcing the Dodgers into submission to a political agenda that harms children have to do with representing us as educators?

As public school teachers who’ve also served in Christian ministry for years, we commend Muslims, Jews, Catholics, and Protestants for collectively taking a stand for true religious tolerance by standing against the religious intolerance of CTA. And we’re calling on teachers to join in protest too.

Let’s follow the lead of fed up Americans who are using their enormous power of the purse to deliver a financial sting to the Dodgers and companies like Bud Light and Target, who cave to pressure from special interest groups instead of serving their customers. Teachers can stop the power of the intolerant CTA by refusing to pay union dues, but we need your help educating teachers that they no longer have to pay unions as a condition of employment. If we help teachers empty the purses of union overlords, Americans can restore childhood innocence, freedom of speech and religion, and get back to enjoying baseball.

Brenda Lebsack is a veteran teacher, former school board member, and founder of Interfaith Statewide Coalition.

Rebecca Friedrichs is the founder of For Kids and Country, the author of Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country, and a 28-year public school teacher who was lead plaintiff in Friedrichs v. CTA.