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“Tradition, Family and Values,” Settlement Project, 2023 Autumn Meeting in Torrance, California.

Frank Kaufman
October 30, 2023

The Southern California, Autumn Settlement Project Conference co-sponsored with Californians for Equal Rights (CFER) and Turning Point (, USA was held Saturday, October 7, 2023 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Torrance High School Little Theater. 

The day began with words of welcome from Torrance, California Mayor, George Chen

The exceptional success of this conference titled: Asian American Values and the Threat to Families and Healthy Education, continues the urgent efforts of The Settlement Project to effectively serve families and communities in regions throughout America.

All Settlement Project meetings naturally begin with prayer, often the National Anthem, and always the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by brief self-introductions among all present. This pattern establishes our meetings in a spirit of humility, learning, and giving. We begin with a clear posture and orientation of humility before God and those who have sacrificed before us, and likewise to those with whom we share our day’s work at the conference. We meet as a family, and so we introduce our positions and social contributions to help fellow participants to know who we are, and how we will be able to help and support one another in the future. These conferences build teams that go on to serve local families and healthy cultures ever more efficiently. Under God and shared ideals, participants learn from one another and forge bonds of affection and collaboration that continue to bear fruit in shared projects going forward.

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All Conference Photos Can Be Seen Here

Dr. Frank Kaufmann led the day off with a keynote address explaining the origins, vision, and strategic DNA of The Settlement Project. Fifty-one participants attended.

The morning session was titled, “Asian American Values and the Threat to Families and Healthy Education.” This does not mean that the conference was just for Asians. The meeting was for all communities in the region, providing us with the chance to learn how core and universal American values are enhanced and enriched by beautiful and unique qualities and strengths from Asian life and culture. 

Morning session speakers were Brenda Lebsack, teacher and activist founder of Brenda 4 Kids, Soo Yoo (,  Veteran Educational Consultant, and board member of ABC Unified School District School, Frank Xu, President of Californians for Equal Rights, Larry Sand, President of California Teachers Empowerment Network, and Dran ReeseFounder and President of The Salt & Light Council. This was followed by discussion and vigorous Q&A. 

The luncheon keynote address was given by Washington Times National Security Expert, Bill Gertz, titled: “Target America: Chinese Communist Party Operations to Destroy the United States.” Bill Gertz is the author of several best sellers and is a popular television commentator on security-related international affairs. Bill’s most recent publication is Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy

The afternoon panel continued the conference focus on Asian American concerns as speakers addressed,  “Chinese Communist Party Influence in American Culture. ” Speakers were, Alex Lee, Vice President of Epoch Media Group, Bill Gertz, Washington Times National Security Correspondent, Ryan Xu, China Human Rights Specialist, and Dr. Erkin Sidick, President, Uyghur Projects Foundation. Riveting presentations, again followed by engaging discussion and Q&A. 

The entire conference was live-streamed throughout the day on Epoch Times and NTD, drawing over 40,000 views. 

Many sacrificial staff and generous financial supporters made this day possible. We wish to extend special thanks to Jack Ashworth, teacher/advisor at Los Angeles Unified School District, Southern California, and Settlement Project regional director, without whom this exceptional achievement could not have happened.