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Why Pro Hamas?


Credit: Jonathan Aguilar/Block Club Chicago

Settlement Project president Dr. Frank Kaufmann just released a podcast examining the widespread pro-Hamas protests that immediately erupted following the Hamas attack on Israeli civilians on October 7.  Here below is the podcast transcript, and the podcast itself.

Podcast transcript

Frank Kaufmann

December 15, 2023

The seamless, Swiss watch level coordinated, global “River to Sea” Hamas-love that erupted following a day of barbarity the likes of which we’ve seen nowhere and at no time in our lives confused and shocked many. Those not crippled by news exhaustion recall an almost identical pop-up global rage that gave birth to the billion-dollar BLM scam.

This ability to produce uniform manifestations of rage instantly worldwide is worth noting. Something is clearly going on.

Listen to the podcast here:

It’s clear that these instant, finely oiled media-tailored “protests” are the work of sinister, bad actors who hate Western Civilization, and individual liberty. That much is clear. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply not paying attention, or for some reason believes regime media.

But the issue is not that a dark, power hungry elite despise free people and societies. This is not new. More haunting than having to deal with evil tyrants to me is the available surfeit of youth who seem to be simply waiting to comply with their next instructions about who to hate and what to destroy.

Who are these people who obediently amass on cue in defense of all subhuman and anti-human causes. Veins in their necks and foreheads bulge as they screech anger that is often only a day or two old, deface priceless world treasures, and glue themselves to things like asphalt in front of ambulances and children’s holiday parades.

To me this is the question. In what way were these rage clones created? Where do they come from? Why are they so readily available to glue themselves to things, or carry and wear factory-produced signs, flags and wear keffiyeh or kente print shawls?

Where do these people come from? How were they produced? Why were they playing beer pong on TikTok on Tuesday, but suddenly urgently need all Jews on earth dead on Wednesday?

I don’t remember Sally originally from Elkader, Iowa, (but now a Columbia University Sophomore in women’s studies at Columbia University), ever having even one solitary thought about any Jew ever in her whole life.

How has she so quickly concluded that she personally needs all Jews dead now? And where did Sally from Iowa get her keffiyeh? I don’t recall Sally owning a keffiyeh?

While these pro-Hamas so-called “protests” continue with compliant support from all legacy media (ironically enough when one pauses to think about it), a helpful clue was revealed about where Sally got her keffiyah, and why we might see her glued to Van Gogh’s Starry Night next week.

The clue was given while three University presidents, including Harvard’s own plagiarist, check-the-diversity-box “Dr.” Gay horrified viewers by revealing the extent of infiltration and decline of American higher education.

These Presidents, ladies all from Harvard, Penn, and MIT testified before Congress, particularly New York’s Elise Stephanik why its OK to agitate for the genocide of Jews (something attempted not all that long ago in Germany) at their universities, even though you can get expelled from them for suggesting that only women menstruate.

It is this hearing that should help us understand why in a day, 1000s of college kids urgently wish death on members of one of America’s greatest and most passionate racial equality communities. The Jews.

Here is a clear explanation of what we saw at this hearing, and what we will continue to see on the streets of free societies.

It comes from Heather McDonald of City Journal. She writes:

On October 27, Harvard President Claudine Gay addressed a Shabbat dinner organized by Harvard’s Hillel chapter. She drew a continuous line between Harvard’s previous treatment of Jews and what is visible on Harvard Yard today. “Antisemitism has a very long and shameful history at Harvard,” she said. “For years, this University has done too little to confront its continuing presence. No longer.”

This statement is entirely wrong.” writes McDonald, “In the 1920s and 1930s, Harvard’s WASPs established admissions ceilings to prevent Harvard from becoming Judaicized by Semitic outsiders. But the barriers eventually fell, and Jews became a dominant presence on campus, thanks to their intellectual accomplishments.

No one at Harvard today advocates excluding Jews because they don’t fit into Harvard’s cozy Protestant brotherhood. To the extent that Jews are excluded, it is to make room for academically noncompetitive black and Hispanic students. Such displacement is occurring, but it is not the result of anti-Jewish animus per se.

The majority of today’s anti-Semitism comes from a different source than the one Gay alluded to. That source is the intersectional Left, composed of self-proclaimed marginalized groups pretending to be oppressed by phantom white supremacy. The intersectional Left hates the West, and it hates Jews because they represent the West. If the essence of the West is what is called in ethnic and postcolonial studies departments “settler colonialism”—which effaces virtuous, ecologically sensitive native peoples of color—then Israel exemplifies a settler colonialist, genocidal state.

Read the full article here.

The point McDonald makes is that the pervasive call for genocide of the Jews that characterizes university faculties, administrations, and students has nothing to do with classical, historical anti-semitism, and everything to do with the abject detestation of Western Civilization and the moral order and progressive dream it represents in its defense of God, individual liberty and equal justice under the law.