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July 4th Inspiration on Freedom by Kevin McCarthy

Truly freedom is a gift of God. Galatians 5:13, For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.

It means that freedom, yes, is a gift, but it is not a gift without purpose. God gives us freedom so that,  A. we can engage the “spirit of the Lord” as cited in 2 Cor 3:17 “where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” and then, B. to “love and serve one another.”

In other words, freedom allows us the privilege to carry out the Two Great Commandments: Love God, Love thy Neighbor. Another important concept that Paul reveals is that freedom can be misused and abused: “only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh.” Freedom isn’t “doing as I damn-well please!” Freedom only exists and is maintained with conduct in concert with the purpose for which freedom was given to us from God. Any other conduct is licentiousness leading to the slavery of bad habits, inordinate desire and self-destructive behavior.

Alexander Hamilton stated that it was the destiny of the people of America “by their conduct and example” to demonstrate to a doubting world that self-governance “by reflection and choice” rather than by “accident and force” were achievable ideals. Are we, as a nation, truly free or have we succumbed to the slavery wrought by the occasions of the flesh? In other words, have we forgotten God and our responsibility as the recipients of the gift of freedom? Patrick Henry warned us, “It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.”

Today, we stand defiant before deafening sounds from rattling chains of tyranny. . .again, America, forget not God!

Have a happy and blessed Independence Day thanking God for the gift of freedom!”

Kevin McCarthy