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Settlement Project and Co-hosts Sponsor Los Angeles Meet to Reclaim the Providence for America


On Saturday, December 11, 2021, The Settlement Project with several hosts and sponsors hosted a one-day meeting, among 32 serious and distinguished participants from across the USA. (West Coast, Montana, NYC, Washington, D.C., VA, more).

The conference was designed as a “working meeting,” not a “show event,” or a “star lineup” event for a larger or online crowd to attend as an audience. Despite the high status and influence of a great many in attendance, the meeting deliberately lacked a “hierarchy” of VIP and VVIP type labeling. Though many present properly fall legitimately into such stature, the order of the day in this case was “sleeves rolled up” in serious encounter to tackle the imminent threat to American life, and its founding design for free citizens with God given rights and liberty. 

A seriousness and commitment defined the demeanor and energy of all present. Though all had the floor for presentations arising from their respective unique strengths and concerns from their expertise, roots, and histories, a couple of prepared talks were noted in the conference invitation, and anchored the day’s plan. National Security Expert Bill Gertz, presented on “What is required to  reverse the spread of Marxist and Postmodernist ideologies?” Settlement Project co-founder and President, Frank Kaufmann explained the history and mission of the project, and East West publisher, Thomas Cromwell presented his latest book The Triumph of Good.

The conference followed a simple format with a 2 hour morning session, and the same in the afternoon. Sponsors hosted lunch to create the space for informal time allowing participants to deepen relationships and extend important conversations.

The conference invitation and agenda helped guide the focus for substantial information and commentary offered by speakers:

America and free democracies around the world are under severe and imminent threat  from Marxist and post Marxist, anti-God ideologies and state actors. People of goodwill are  responding courageously against integrated attacks from the Chinese Communist Party and from  infiltrated, corrupt Western institutions and culture. We seek to help patriotic activists working  on the front line. We focus on the innermost basis for free democracies, namely divine  Providence as identified in the last line of the U.S. Declaration of Independence

Degenerative materialist, nihilist, and vengeance driven ideologies challenge America and free societies with directions that are hostile to individual freedom, family, and religious and spiritual life. Each participant spoke eloquently and movingly on the subject from perspectives unique to their own histories and current professional commitments. 

A special value of the presentations arose from the uncommon breadth of representation including vocation and religious community. Traditionally such themes tend to attract more uniform and homogeneous communities who gather to meet these increasingly severe challenges. This group however, included elected officials, religious leaders, medical professionals, refugee relief activists, scholars, business leaders, education activists, military intelligence leaders, and more. It also included, Christians, Muslims, members of Asian religions and practice, and others. The uncommon breadth of cultures and vocations contributed significantly to the exceptional value of the conference content.

Many participants should be named, and would be immediately recognizable to champions and front line warriors fighting to preserve and expand a Godly, loving, and free America. In the coming weeks we will be publishing videos and transcripts that blessed this memorable day of camaraderie, determination, shared commitment, and mutual discovery. 

A key focus of the conference was to act on the need for deeper and better interreligious relations, because negative, anti-American ideologies that threaten our sacred freedoms, focus especially on eroding religious freedom. Religions must collaborate under times of such stress. It is no longer possible for religions and believers to remain in silos when synergy is needed to withstand the dire threats facing us today..

The afternoon session involved these same participants who engaged each other’s presentations and contributions from the morning. In deeply shared purpose, participants engaged in dialogue and conversation with designs and strategies to meet and prevail over the challenges that were highlighted throughout the day. 

The meeting was a good success. There will be more, and there will be a growth of activity and work arising from our plans. Please sign up for The Settlement Project Newsletter or write us at [email protected] to be kept abreast of ongoing work in this unique niche created and achieved through our December meeting. and to involve yourself or your organization in shared work to support these critical ideals.