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Know Key Elements of Critical Theory and their Application

Signal Article by Grace Daniel 

Photo credit the Daily Signal

In her article My Woke Employees Tried to Cancel Me. Here’s How I Fought Back and Saved My NonprofitGrace Daniel provides good explanations, and valuable references and resources to understand many of the basic premises that guide “woke” ideology, or what she has coined ” critical social justice ideology. She explains tenets of this view both in its theory and ideology, as well as how it is applied in the juggernaut of cance culture.

Educating ourselves and making ourselves aware of these is crucial for anyone hoping to see the ever greater human freedom in life and society. Here is just a small bit of what she explains

[The attack from her accusers] wasn’t explicitly directed at [her husband] at first, but toward “systems,” the “hegemony,” and “normativity” … “systems of power and oppression.”

[She was subject to] vague assertions that the organization was “causing harm” …  I later came to understand these meetings were essentially “struggle sessions”—an opportunity for our woke employees to shame us into submission, a technique often used in Mao’s China.

Theories like critical race theory and queer theory basically divide society into two groups: oppressor and oppressed. If you are white, straight, male, and/or wealthy, you are an oppressor. If you are a racial minority, gay or trans, a woman or identify as some other gender, and financially not wealthy, you are oppressed. The objective of critical theory is to defeat oppressors and overturn the system that benefits them.

There is much more of great value to read here.