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URGENT ACTION ALERT! Parental Rights Under Attack in California

If you live in California or know someone who lives in California, urgent action is needed now!

For everyone else, there is a valuable lesson to be learned by what is going on in the California legislature.

AB-1184, a bill regarding "confidentiality" of medical services would require a parent's health insurance company to pay for "sensitive services" for any child 12 or older, without parental knowledge or consent.

"Sensitive services" means all health care services related to:

  • mental health or behavioral health
  • sexual and reproductive health [translation: abortion]
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • substance use disorder
  • gender-affirming care [including cross-sex hormone treatments and surgeries]
  • intimate partner violence, and more.

See the text of AB-1184 here.

This bill is backed by Planned Parenthood. No surprise there. It is a blatant assault on parental rights. When policies are passed on sexual and reproductive health services that include provisions for "confidentiality," it most often means confidentiality from parents, as in this bill. Planned Parenthood considers parents a "barrier" to the sexual rights of teens.

It is astounding to see just how far sexual rights advocates will go to force their radical agenda down the throats of unsuspecting citizens.

California citizens should call the members of the Senate Health Committee listed below to express strong opposition to AB-1184 on Tuesday, July 6. The committee will consider this bill on Wednesday, July 7.

Committee Members:

Senator Richard Pan (Chair) 916-651-4006

Senator Melissa A. Melendez (Vice Chair) 916-651-4028

Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman 916-651-4005

Senator Lena A. Gonzalez 916-651-4033

Senator Shannon Grove 916-651-4016

Senator Melissa Hurtado 916-651-4014

Senator Connie M. Leyva 916-651-4020

Senator Monique Limón 916-651-4019

Senator Richard D. Roth 916-651-4031

Senator Susan Rubio 916-651-4022

Senator Scott D. Wiener 916-651-4011

California residents, please call and email these representatives, and if you don't live in California but know someone who does, please forward this alert to them!

Sign petition on this page 

Thank you for whatever you can do to protect parental rights in California!