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The Settlement Project Spring Conferences 2024


Battle for America: Protecting our Future with a More Perfect Union

The Settlement Project is excited to announce our 2024 Spring Conferences: Battle for America: Protecting our Future with a More Perfect Union.

Settlement Project founder, Dr. Frank Kaufmann, and Education Director, Dr. David Burgess, will offer one day education and training seminars Woke Ideology, Critique and Counterproposal (WICC) throughout America. The teaching content makes clear and exposes the philosophies and ideologies behind present attacks on American culture and society, and presents clear paths forward for patriots, believers, and people of goodwill and conscience to build an effective, unified front to defend against hostile domestic and global forces.


See the conference overview and content description below

The seminars have morning and afternoon presentations, Q&A sessions, group breakout sessions, lunch with keynote speakers, and refreshments available throughout the day.

Listen to Marquis Van de Mark interview conference presenters, Dr. Frank Kaufmann and Dr. David Burgess on his Affirm America Podcast:

Here are the conference dates. Please click on the link of each place to register for the conference in your area.

April 13: Los Angeles, CA

April 27: San Francisco, CA

May 4: Columbus, OH

May 18: Manassas, VA

Come to learn, enjoy, and join a growing community of friends striving to preserve and promote American values and traditions. Register for the conference closest to you through the links above. We look forward to seeing you there.

San Francisco Conference:

Please read the conference overview and content description below

The Settlement Project Advanced Leadership Seminar:


In the Spring of 2024, The Settlement Project will hold advanced seminars throughout America for members and friends to go deeper into the philosophies behind the volley of blatant attacks on a healthy American culture and society. 

The seminars reveal a clear, unifying path forward for all patriots, believers, and people of goodwill and conscience to build a unified front against domestic and global forces bent on destroying America and free democracies. 

From these sessions we reclaim the ground to rebuild America’s healthy family, law-respecting culture with which to protect and produce leaders in both elected office and throughout the institutions that have been hijacked by Woke and Marxist agents for the past many decades. 

The day has morning and afternoon sessions plus lunch. Two lectures and work groups in the morning, and the same in the afternoon.  

Step by step and region by region we are reclaiming the original God-centered America, rebuilding foundations that reliably withstand determined agendas of division, violence, and moral degradation. 

Content Description:

The Settlement Project Advanced Seminars will be taught by Settlement Project scholars including Settlement Project founder Frank Kaufmann.

The content will clearly explain three post-Marxist forces invested in destroying America. The CCP, the Woke Progressive Left, and the Transhumanist agenda for technological totalitarianism (World Economic Forum). They all are different but collaborate to destroy America. 

We need a clear grasp of the roots, origins, philosophies and ideologies of each group or we forever will be consigned to be fighting a losing, defensive battle. 

In addition to learning in clear understandable terms about these ideologies that give power to America’s interlocking enemies, these seminars also teach a broad, unifying worldview to help unite America’s patriotic champions across all barriers of difference.