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Background to tragic violence in Israel and Gaza, May 12, 2021


Photo by Haley Black from Pexels

Domestic and international destabilization continues at an alarming pace under the so-called Biden administration. Now violence in Israel and Gaza is at levels not seen in years, and further already displays unprecedented elements that should cause all peace loving world citizens distress and consternation.

In an era where virtually all established media has shown itself to be constantly and reliably untrustworthy, global events such as the current outbreak in violence elude our capacity to gain needed information to think clearly and gauge and forge our opinions and actions.

Here is the situation, and background of the violence:


Palestinian militants have launched over 1,000 rockets into Israel since Sunday, and at least two high-rise buildings have been leveled in the Israeli bombardment of the blockaded and impoverished Gaza Strip, home to 2 million Palestinians.

At least 65 people, including 16 children, were killed in the Israeli bombardment, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. 

NBC News 


Mass violence on the Temple Mount began on 7th May after Friday prayers. Palestinians threw rocks at Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall, which is located some 20 metres below the Temple Mount platform.

There is considerable evidence that this violence was planned, with rocks and stun grenades prepositioned (images here and here). On the same day, a Hamas spokesperson called on Palestinians to slit the throats of Jews (note: not ‘Israelis’).

After the violence on Friday, there was an explicit call by the Palestinian Authority’s ruling Fatah party to continue the violence on Monday evening, which is what happened.

Israeli police responded to the violence with teargas and rubber bullets, resulting in 200 injuries on Friday.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is an emotional rallying point for many Muslims, and accusations that ‘al-Aqsa is in danger’ in the face of violence (even when instigated by Palestinians) on the Temple Mount will a) rally many Palestinians and b) bring considerable pressure on Israel. The riots of 1929 (in which all Jews were expelled from Hebron) were instigated because of false rumours that al-Aqsa was in danger, as were in the mass riots in 1996, and so on.

Christians for Israel International website

The historical situation in Israel is complex (and solvable in the opinion of this writer). Analyses require understanding, nuance and time, not the purpose of this post.

This post is to provide Settlement Project readers with a simple account of facts, as these will not be readily accessible via corrupt, elite media.