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Robert Spitz interview with David Hernandez, La Hispanic Republican Club Radio hour on “AM 870 The Answer”


On April 17, 2023 Mr. Robert Spitz, Southern California Settlement Project representative appeared on La Hispanic Republican Club Radio hour on “AM 870 The Answer,” hosted by David Hernandez, Chairman of The Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club, with co-host Jeffi Girgenti. Radio 870 The Answer is known as “radio where the Truth always has been told and shared with others.”

Mr. Spitz explained the predicament America is in today, the indoctrination suffered by its children and its citizens. “This nation is divided into people who believe in God, in family values,” said Mr. Spitz, “and the rest who don’t believe in God, who see the government as their God and are focused on materialism.”

Addressing these dangerous trends is a major work of The Settlement Project, which envisions a world in which all people live freely and in peace, served by governments that preserve and protect inalienable and irrevocable God-given rights.

To achieve this, people or leaders of organizations working hard to protect these values should broaden our acceptance and support for others who share similar and concerns and values. We cannot allow small differences to divide people of conscience and Godly values.

For more information please listen to the podcast: