March 4, 2021 Conspiracy Theory Battle Royale

This episode examines Congress leaving town Wednesday night March 3rd fearing a military assault on the Capitol planned for March 4. The overlords double down on fear infused designs for totalitarian suppression of dissent. 

Just found identical observations, independent from the posting of this podcast, from Glen Greenwald here.


Frank Kaufmann (0:07)  
Good morning, I’m Frank Kaufman the president of the settlement project. Today is March 4, 2021. I’d like to offer a few thoughts, purely personal opinion on some contemporary matters of US political reality. Today, I’d like to designate March 4 as the official date of competing wacky conspiracy theories. There’s one on the left and one on the right. The one on the right is widely described as pure cult like obsession. The one on the left, however, is fully supported by mainstream media and fully in the hands of the community that controls the entire United States of America. Its elected officials, its army, and its institutions that are responsible for the maintenance of life in the United States. 

So, wacky theories meet in the room today, March 4. And here is the place where they meet. Washington Examiner: “House to leave town early ahead of March 4 possible plot to breach the Capitol.” All right, this March 4 possible plot to breach the Capitol is a place where two conspiracy theories meet. The conspiracy theory of QAnon on the one hand, and the conspiracy theory of the United States government and the entire mainstream media and the army and police that the left control presently with the Biden administration. Wacky conspiracy theory two. 

So, wacky conspiracy theory one. Business Insider says, “why QAnon followers are pinning their last desperate hopes on Trump emerging as President on March 4.”  Desperate Hopes. Okay. Washington Examiner, which sometimes gets close to establishing itself as somewhat of a responsible media, reports this, “the House moved to adjourn a day early this week after law enforcement officials reported a new threat against the Capitol timed for Thursday. House Democratic leaders informed lawmakers Wednesday they’ll wrap up legislative business late Wednesday, rather than Thursday afternoon.” 

They cleverly skipped town a day before insurrection chapter two happens today, Wednesday, that QAnon followers are malicious and are carefully plan to attack and violently overturn the United States government today and by sheer force bring President Trump triumphantly back to his proper perch as President of the United States.

Continue reading. “The House will vote to pass sweeping election reform bill and legislation to reform policing.  The House had initially scheduled to remain in session until Thursday afternoon.”  US Capitol Police, the very people who are on video, allowing and ushering protesters into the Capitol, on the day of this horrifying riot are now reporting that they have, here’s the quote, “intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an unidentified malicious group on Thursday, March 4.”

 Okay, so suddenly now, this group that couldn’t keep a couple of 100 people out of the Capitol and ended up shooting unarmed citizens, and can’t find can’t find a single weapon, they can’t find a single weapon from these couple 100 people that stormed the Capitol, and now they’re suddenly so sharp that now they have intelligence that shows a possible plot. 

“Police said that they’re prepared for any threat.” Oh, right, now they’re ready, unlike January 6 when they were ushering in people and showing them ways upstairs and kind of walking behind Mr. Viking man as he kind of casually strolled up to the podium to get a picture of himself. Okay, reading. “Police say they’re prepared for anything.” Oh, right. The Capitol is guarded BY 1000s of National Guard troops in addition to the police and the entire campus is surrounded by unscalable fencing topped with barbed wire. Unlike the wall at our Southern border that faces legislation to have it removed, our Capitol, on the other hand, has been built by an instantly arising and unscalable fence topped with barbed wire and 1000s of National Guard troops. So, all right, all right. You or me or the country itself shouldn’t really have any way to keep people in or out, good people or bad, but the Capitol is so important that we should have 1000s of troops in the street and unscalable walls topped with barbed wire.

Okay, so maybe we’ve just contracted the number of people who should be protected in America down to those couple of 100 people. Just in case a QAnon army storms in, and threatens them, and has been hide behind their desks. The Business Insider, “why QAnon followers are pinning their last hopes for Donald Trump’s triumphant return to power.” How Caesar like! A triumphant return to power on March 4. OK, another wacky QAnon fantasy.

All right, that particular fantasy is wacky, but authorities are taking no chances. Congress is closed and the lawmakers have left town. The lawmakers have outwitted this mysterious militia that’s going to take over the United States government by leaving town. That’s how they are going to protect the sanctity of our great land. They have outwitted this mysterious army that’s going to storm the Capitol., and they have quickly left town. “Capitol Police are on high alert and 5000 National Guardsmen are on standby in case of another violent attack on American democracy.” 

The Business Insider report continues, “QAnon followers, unable to cope with Joe Biden’s elevation to the President in January, have now coopted a new belief to argue that the next legitimate inauguration date will be March 4, and that’s what makes this date so horrifying so frightening. So positively horrific, that the lawmakers have secretly left town in the dead of night to be safe, and they’ve invited 5000 military figures to stand in front of an unscalable wall with a barbed wire fence. Because why? Because QAnon followers are unable to cope with Joe Biden’s elevation to President. Basically, it’s a matter of coping. It’s a group of people who can’t cope. And thus, as a result of not being able to cope, now they have formed an army that would take over the US government, probably very possibly also with zero guns, the same way the January 6, quote unquote, insurrection had zero guns, other than the one used to kill the only person killed during the time of the time that the protesters were inside the Capitol. And that was by a Capitol Police person whose name was never released, who’s in hiding. And who we know nothing about the process whereby he is being investigated for the point-blank murder of an unknown United States veteran and US citizen.

Now here’s another newspaper called The Washington Times. The Washington Times was once one of the most hated things in America. It was hated worse than Fox is hated today. US legislators have called upon cable providers to bar fox news from appearing in American media. So, Fox News is a real threat. The Washington Times used to be hated even more than that. It actually dared to represent some conservative points of view. And that very paper which nicknames itself America’s paper, here’s, part of its report on this dangerous day when our nation’s in danger of being overtaken by a mysterious army of cult followers, wacky, but they’re a threat to the security of the United States of America. That’s an unscalable wall and 5000 National Guard.

So, here’s The Washington Times, America’s newspaper, mister conservative voice. Here’s what “Far right conspiracy theorists believed 2020 election was stolen from Mr. Trump, who has raised unfounded allegations of voter fraud.” That’s interesting. The next paragraph. “At first, QAnon supporters believed that Mr. Trump would not leave office on inauguration day. Instead, declare martial law, announce mass arrests of Democrats and stop President Biden from being inaugurated.” Okay, President Trump never, ever, ever, ever gave any indication ever that he would ever do such any such thing as not leave office. His departure from office was one of the most elegant and mature series of steps imaginable, given the circumstances.

And so, you have people who somehow, contrary to all evidence, held that Mr. Trump would not leave office. Of course, you know, of course, media figures on mainstream media were kind of, preparing to have to send in military people to drag Mr. Trump out of his office, because he would refuse to leave. All contrary to any evidence whatsoever.

But here’s the thing that disturbs me here on this particular paragraph. Why would The Washington Times of all newspapers have a sentence, in this particular report, which is nuts, that on March 4 there is going to be some secret army. Maybe that maybe they might have one peashooter unlike that there were zero arms in the so January 6 insurrection, zero. But maybe this new army might have a pea shooter so we’re ready with 5000 National Guard. But The Washington Times says, “Mr. Trump, raised unfounded allegations of voter fraud.” Why would The Washington Times call them unfounded allegations of voter fraud? There are literally hundreds if not 1000s of verifiable evidences of voter fraud. Anyone can look them up. They exist by the hundreds if not 1000s. They are on the record under sworn affidavits of count after count after count of voter fraud, voter irregularities. Ballot intimidation of people who were meant to watch and verify ballots. There are 10s of unconstitutional acts by secretaries of state, governors, putting in last minute regulations that are illegal in the voting.

So, here’s the Times. Okay. Okay. Thank you very much, Washington Times, for helping us understand that Mr. Trump has raised unfounded allegations of voter fraud. Okay, it’s good to know that they’re unfounded. In the US News, the quote reads, “We have we have obtained intelligence that shows a possible path to breach the Capitol by an unidentified militia group on Thursday March 4, the Department said Wednesday. We have already made security upgrades to include establishing a physical structure, increasing manpower to ensure the protection of Congress, the public, and our police officers.”

All right, good. Okay, good. They’re concerned about the protection of police officers. That’s new. Very good. Okay, there’s progress there, maybe there’s a silver lining in this perpetuation of a narrative that being a conservative makes you a violent hater of the stability of the American political process. Alright, so conspiracy theory one. There’s some secret military group operating that is going to arrest all the bad guys and just wait, this will happen, this will happen. On December 14. No no no, just wait, this will happen on December 20. No no no. Just wait. This will happen on January 6. No no no. Just wait. This will happen on January 20. No no no, just wait, this will happen on March 4. 

That is a conspiracy theory of a particular community of people, not limited to QAnon who have their spokespeople who are constantly putting forth secret information ranging anywhere from know some kind of MI6 leak all the way to aliens from outer space telling them what’s what. Okay, fine enough. We’ve always had groups of people who have aliens telling them what’s what. They used to be allowed. Now that several 100 people made people cower behind their desks, and even brought to tears people who were in other places around the city not even anywhere near the Congress building, and people who are not even in the city at all,  back home in in their congressional districts, were also kind of so horrified and terrified that they broke down in tears on the Congress floor telling of their tale of fear. 

Okay, so we have one group that has to kind of hide in the shadows and sneak around and pass videos that that haven’t been spotted and censored and locked down and forbidden and so they’re secretly passing around videos of some guy who got secret information from the MI6 or from outer space telling you that there’s going to be a plan, that some kind of secret military powers will arrest everybody in the world, except President Trump’s going to be president. Okay. Okay. I don’t mind conspiracy theories. They’re funny enough, honestly, they’re fun enough. There’re always people that hold them. There’s a certain psychology that goes along with them, and they used to be allowed. But January 6, a couple 100 people, quote unquote stormed the Capitol. And so now we’re no longer dealing with some cult with odd beliefs. Now we’re dealing with people who are going to take over the United States government. Right. All right, so we better build a wall. At least now we have one wall in America. It happens to be protecting Democrat Congress people. Better to protect some Americans rather than none at all. All right, so we got that. 

What I want to point out, although I’m being a little bit flippant here it’s a deadly serious thing. It irritates me and aggravates me, but it is it is a unified a unified determination to create a narrative of fear of people who hold political beliefs different than your own. Now, it’s one thing to be a conspiracy theorist sneaking around, passing around videos in email or through Telegram. But it’s a different thing to hold the conspiracy theory, in which you control the United States government and its entire military, and you have a weirder conspiracy theory than the than the QAnon people. 

The conspiracy theory being put forward by the New York Times, MSNBC. The New York Times is central to creating the conspiracy theory. By perpetrating the sick lie that some Trump supporter killed a cop. Suddenly, The Times cares about cops. Oh, that’s new. But it turned out to be an absolute lie. And the idea of the violent Trump supporter is an absolute invention. It’s truly not the case. President Trump gathered hundreds of 1000s of people in veritable love fests unlike the Portland love fest in which people were stabbed to death and women were raped every night. That particular love fest has a different taste or quality than the than the Trump rallies. The Trump rallies really were love fests for anybody who ever went to them. They were just people just having a good time.

So, the determination to create a narrative that Trump supporters are dangerous is a very sophisticated and very determined and very calculated perpetration of a conspiracy theory. It’s just false belief. I don’t think that any of the democrats, or I don’t think anybody in CNN, I don’t think any of the Capitol Police, or any of the Biden administration, I don’t think they’re claiming to have their information from aliens or the MI6 is secretly telling them, but now it’s close to, like MI6. “We have intelligence that there’s that there’s a plan to storm the Capitol.” So, it’s two conspiracy theories, only one is running the entire media the entire tech platform. Is running Google, running Facebook, running Twitter, running MSNBC, running CBS, ABC, running the United States government. 

They’re perpetrating a conspiracy theory based on secret information. And then you have this odd little group of people, you can’t even find them. They’re floating around in these secret little spaces trying to pass around a video or two. And so, here’s your elected representatives fleeing town in the dead of night secretly outwitting these people by leaving Wednesday night, when the Marauders are planning to attack Thursday. Darn it. We really wanted to make them hide behind their desks again and start crying again, and they left town, they beat us on that one. 

Alright so there is a next video I’m going to podcast. I’m just going to make it separately, but it’s about Trump and CPAC. I have some positive things about, and I have some suspicions and some criticisms and concerns about it as well. I’ll make them to a separate podcast.

Thanks a lot for listening.