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2022 and 2023: Thoughts from The Settlement Project


Each end of year, a great many people reflect on the year past, and look for signs about the year to come. Was 2022 a good year, or a bad one? Will 2023 be better? Or are we heading toward more difficult times?



Each end of year a great many people reflect on the year past, and look for signs about the year to come. Was 2022 a good year, or a bad one? Will 2023 be better? Or are we heading toward more difficult times? 

We are not looking for cheerleading or motivational slogans. We seek clarity to the extent possible. 

Assessing the past, and anticipating the future are two very different acts of mind and spirit. 

The past year genuinely did happen. There are facts available, both personal, and social and global. We do not want to ignore reality on the one hand, but we do not want to be overrun or dictated to by data, on the other. Reality is a blend of evidence that should participate together with the transformative force of our spiritual confidence and command. 

The year to come similarly blends evidence with interpretation, But it is more a matter of prediction. Instead of historical facts and data, we seek rather to grasp signs and pointers.

So how do these years measure up? By my read, 2022 was a good year, and 2023 will be better as the successes of 2022 take root, settle in, and become the basis for continued growth and improvement. 

From the early 1990s until 2016, the radical left, following the colossal failures and genocides of Marxism, successfully rebuilt ideological bases to destroy God-based free societies, unnoticed and hidden in the shadows. In free societies these were generated most strategically in the rarefied twists of agenda-ridden, elite centers of “higher education.” 

At the same time the CCP under the guise of “economic reform,” replaced the Soviet Union as the main center of expansionist hegemony, surreptitiously sinking roots of surveillance and economic appropriation throughout the world, including in the United States. 

It should be said plainly that the free West, including the US were not by any means angels during this 25 year period. A form of Godless, free-market, greed-infested power-hungry double-dealing undermined the moral authority and righteous foundations that once made America and free democracies a positive hope in the world. 

These three demonic enemies of goodness and wholesome, free life corrupted life in the world, each in their own way, until 2016. Then for four tumultuous years these pits of darkness were relentlessly exposed. Sunlight constantly poured over the sulfur pits, while creatures of darkness writhed, spat venom, and bled with hellish squeals every single day for four years. By 2020 this active shredding of the covers of darkness was terminated using violence, fraudulence, deceit, and totalitarian surges of censorship and domestic totalitarian control, even in so-called  free societies. 

2020 and 2021 then were years spent desperately struggling to rebuild ramparts of concealment to put radical left censors and tyrants back secretly working in the shadows to poison the future of human freedom. But it was too late. Too much already had been seen. Too much is known. 

By 2022 the ropes of lock down frayed and snapped, and warriors for freedom became ensconced into too many disparate centers of striving. The awakening had become multipronged, and the elite puppeteers became more desperate. Alternate media and alternate tech is slowly lighting the night sky with small points of light. And phenomena and big people are adding fuel to the torch of freedom. If 2016 was the horrifying shock of Trump, 2022 was the “horrifying” shock of Elon Musk. The Twitter files reveal true evil.

For sure, 2022 saw persistent, depressing setbacks for freedom. The orgy of cartels, human trafficking, and fentanyl death continues to flow through the Democrat run open Southern US border. Election fraud has not yet been successfully terminated. Elite higher education  continues to churn out radical Leftist ideologues who champion race-division, identity disorder, and national self-hatred.  

Indeed, much in 2022 invites righteous, freedom-loving citizens to call this a bad year. But I differ. The disease that festered unseen in the odorous dank for decades was exposed. Yes, the enemies of God-given freedom will continue to bite and claw,  and they often will often win. But they have lost the cover of night. They are openly seen and known. 

The side of light, of building, of gratitude, and of respect and honor will inch back, maybe wounded and scared, but we will not comply. 2023 will see this movement gain momentum. But to succeed, free people must shun the cancer of greed, indifference, and self interest. 

2023 will build on each small success, and momentum will bring us farther toward a healthy harmonious life. Our society and world will be better by this time next year.