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Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

A Podcast by Frank Kaufmann

The Transition from Thought to Speech and the Three Freedoms Required for Dignity.

Podcast transcript

Human beings have two parts to our makeup, our spiritual side and our physical side. There are a great many inclined to deny human spirituality because it is not easily measured by the tools by which material reality is measured and tested.

There are two things to note among groups and individuals prone to deny human spirituality, 1. Almost none do so rigorously (a close look almost always reveals full affirmation of spiritual reality, but by a different name. In truth it is usually established religion, with all its hideous blemishes that is being rejected (in a great many cases understandably so.) And 2. A tendency to flatten the range of human genius and creativity to the thin phantom of “fact,” over the rich,  abundant fascination of knowledge or wisdom.

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This attempt at denying spiritual reality is a form of materialism called “scientism.”

Scientism has been especially demonic in the past couple of years as people claiming to be intelligent faithfully herded themselves behind the pure Alice in Wonderland, nonsensical term “settled science,” such phrases as “follow the science,” and a little Brooklyn guy who said with a straight face, “I am science.”

The reason why I isolate scientism as a materialism that has been especially demonic in recent years is because it helped make possible the use of millions or billions of human beings as lab rats in life-threatening medical experiments, the types of which eventually resulted in the creation of the Nuremberg Code.

People are familiar with other forms of materialism, some of which include Marxism, which is a complex and failed philosophical perversion of concern for victims of economic exploitation, and Consumerism which is a byproduct of greed addiction.

Human beings are meant to be free to fully realize ourselves. Those things which bind us spiritually and obstruct our self-realization on the spiritual side of things all happen in a realm of voluntary life for the most part. Getting free spiritually is mostly “self-work,” and to the extent that we want anyone else involved, they are things we ourselves deliberately choose. (They are not imposed on us.) Like finding a guru, or joining a church etc. It’s hard to control people in this area. It’s hard to take away our freedoms. There’s nothing really to be gained by that.

Trying to separate people from our hard-earned money by exploiting our spiritual needs and pursuits is a different matter. It’s not really spiritual. It’s just our money that charlatans or pickpockets are after. That’s not genuinely spiritual. Freedom spiritually is hard to prohibit.

The other part of being human (namely the physical) is also meant to be totally free. Free to realize our complete and true selves. Because this is a collective (or social) affair, designs for freedom must be carefully organized. These freedoms in the physical realm must apply to all people equally. This is the clause that keeps this right from being misunderstood or twisted. When we all have equal rights, the idea of freedom naturally precludes freedom for a male voyeur or rapist in a wig from using the private spaces of women.

The founders of America considered freedom (safeguarded with equality) to come from God. My personal freedoms come from God. They are inalienable. They cannot be curtailed by other human beings. The founders tried to create a country and society that manifested the absoluteness of this God-given human rights.

Unfortunately, unlike the spiritual side of things, when it comes to the physical, there is no shortage of people who want to deprive us of our rights. Sadly the satanic addiction to power and control over others is too tempting for people, and given the chance they have no qualms about removing the rights and freedoms of as many people as they possibly can.

Now don’t be fooled, people who work to deprive people of their God given human rights are not always like the Alabama Sheriff in the film Deliverance. They may very very well be a Harvard University race professor with dreadlocks, or ex-tiktokker, Washington Post doxer/”journalist” girl or Arnold Schwarzenegger screaming into his phone camera “screw your freedoms.”  People against God-given human rights and freedoms come in all shapes and sizes.

Our physical side that needs to be free are: 1. Physical bodily safety, the safety of our loved ones and those who cannot defend themselves 2. What we can say, and who we can hang around.

America’s founders wanted to make interfering with these human rights by greedy, power-addicted people as hard as possible. So they insisted that these human rights come from God. Each person has them independently. They don’t come from anyone else.

I called this podcast “Did I say that out loud.” I did that to call our attention to the fact that thought is spiritual and speech is physical. Enemies of my freedom want to control my thoughts but it is very hard. But because speech is physical, it falls in the realm of things that elites addicted to power will try to control.

Because of my physical, and bodily safety and that of my loved ones and those who cannot defend themselves from tyrants who would gladly violate those, American founders recognized that free people must have the right to bear arms. It’s crude, but without them unscrupulous people will despoil what is given me by God.

The other thing that is physical (as I just pointed out) is speech. The arena in which speech is crucial is in the reality of narrative. A narrative is a physical thing. When a bad person comes to take my life, or my farm, or my wife it is better that I have a gun. (It might not help, but it might.) When someone wants to take away my children’s innocence, or my daughter’s chance to safely use the ladies’ room on a road trip, guns are not really that helpful. What I am able to say is what is needed in this particular arena of being free. I have to be able to speak on the disgusting, inhuman quality of such advocacy.

So in terms of God’s desire that every precious child of God is completely free, and given the fact that Harvard teachers, and newscasters, and sometimes Alabama sheriffs, or drunk good ol’ boys are sometimes willing to violate these human rights, the founders and the framers identified three crucial parts of protecting our freedoms for the physical side of being human. One right is you can have guns. One right is you can speak (and write and publish). And one right is that you can hang around and gather to meet with whomever you like.

We have these rights not because the framers put them in the US Constitution, we have them because God wants his children to be free, and sadly some people don’t always respect that.