Freedom to Learn – Information, Not Propaganda

This episode reviews the rise of political and social tyranny in the US and free democracies, and points out subtle areas of indoctrination, such as Wikipedia, that contribute to repression by the progressive left.

Rough Transcript:

Frank Kaufmann: Frank Kaufmann here, president of The Settlement Project, I want to speak this morning about a single niche from among many fronts that conservative and patriotic freedom loving world citizens need to tend to, after the discoveries that have made themselves manifest during the period of the US Presidential election. Both prior and after November 3, continued efforts of the criminal contingent of progressive left oligarchs,  and manipulators and violators of God given human rights, the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are presently under threat. And these same people who are perpetrating the agenda for dismantling the United States, as it was designed by its framers and putting into place a rewritten regime in which dissent is silenced in classical form, as one has seen in fascist regimes both on the left and the right. You would take the famous occasions of the fascist regimes on the left, say Soviet Union, people are disappeared, it’s the verb to disappear someone it happens and it happens in all totalitarian regimes. That might happen in Islamist State, it might happen, right wing states in the Pinochet regime, any government that cannot tolerate dissent, oppresses its people silences its people and vanishes its people. That’s what’s going on. In the United States, presently, only in a kind of a digital way, I guess the leading experts in making it impossible to be informed and to disadvantage people for dissenting points of view, presently in the world today is the CCP, Communist China, what people in America did not realize is the extent to which the progressive left in the United States emulated and put in place precisely the same designs and managed to establish itself in virtually singular control of authority, the sacred rights to vote free, open, fair and transparent elections, were denied the American people have the right to express political opinion and points of view, were systematically denied.

The courts would refuse to hear cases involving criminal abuse of voters, ballot counting and so forth. And so basically, now, people in the US and in the world have woken up to discover that there has been a despotic kind of tyrannical agenda organized by the left through ideological forces through educational institutions, through corporate boards, through the manipulation of Silicon Valley Tech oligarchs, and surely legacy media or established media. So now, the people who were hoping to continue the process of building in America which loves and respects those who keep us safe, appreciates the rule of law and seeks evermore fairness and equality seeks for the protection of the sacred rights enshrined in the Constitution. These people will come to find ourselves just shut down. And now they’re now in the middle of reactions in dozens areas of focus. Today, I want to talk about only one 

The claim that there was election fraud became forbidden to utter in public. This was organized by the legacy media, which now has been exposed as being complicit in direct manipulation of information and the provision of falsehoods with an express political agenda. And this was accomplished by James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas exposing of CNN this was done in recent days. Anyone knows that establishment media participated in silencing support for President Trump advancing fraudulent narrative in support of President Biden and Vice President Harris. The way they did this was again to silence information about Capitol Hill breach on January 6, they use that location as a way to conflate the belief, election fraud, with inciting violence. It’s very sinister. And so then using this sleight of hand, that if you believe that the election was fraudulently secure, therefore you must be inciting violence. very sinister very, I gotta hand it to them. That’s clever. No, no court heard any cases, cases, they dismissed cases on standing. And then once President Biden was installed, only then there erupts or emerges a flood of evidence of election fraud. Presently there is a lot of data. Listen to this 2020 1,317 proven instances of voter fraud 1317 proven instances of voter fraud. Listen to this 1134 criminal convictions, criminal convictions, so the mantra or the drumbeat established media in which the moment election fraud was introduced as a possible means by which the will of 80 million voters was not in fact thwarted but denied by surreptitious, criminal and fraudulent processes. The moment that was introduced the drumbeat or the narrative, every mention of the word election fraud was the constant, the constant attendant adjective, baseless, unfounded, unfounded, or conspiracy theory of far right whackos or far right conspiracy theories, so that the evidence of election fraud became conflated or identified with being a far right conspiracy theories. Then with the breach of January, the full details of which are not yet known. This was an ideal opportunity to conflate or make one in the same the suggestion that there was election fraud with the identification of that point of view as inciting violence. And once that was established, the tech oligarchs the tech despots in tandem in a coordinated effort, working also together with the purveyors of information, control of US commerce and then closed down all voices, whichever wanted to point that there was in fact election fraud. So President Trump’s 30 million or 50 million followers on Twitter, his account was closed, because he suggested the existence of election fraud, and so on, and so forth parlor was closed, which required the collaboration of Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Google. They work together to close Parler because it was an effective threat to Twitter. So after, after this was established, the supposition of election fraud was established as far right wacko, mindless conspiracy. Then with the breach on the sixth of January, very pleasingly established as now incitation of violence. And with that, every voter with a conservative point of view, was silenced or to use these old fashioned radical, kind of violent terms was disappeared. These people were literally disappeared. But in America, they can’t quite do that quite yet. But after that was successfully accomplished. And the net of power now. Now we find that they There are 1317 proven instances of voter fraud 1134 criminal convictions, criminal convictions of voter fraud. So it’s a difficult situation for the community of people who voted for President Trump. Basically, whenever anyone is violated, it’s a very unpleasant feeling. One feels raped. If there’s anybody on the left, listening to me, presently, I think that there is sympathy to the people who are violated, you feel raped, you feel sullied, and you feel there’s a horrible psychology that goes with that. So if you want to try to understand what innocent hard working mothers and fathers trying to raise their children, faithfully believed in the American system and tried to vote and tried to play fair and see May the best man, the best woman win only to wake up to find what had been done. This is the struggle being faced by basically good people, basically just hard working people that like their daughter to grow up to be a good lacrosse player, track and field runner, get married and have family or, you know, run the Department of nuclear physics and MIT, whatever, all of this has been contaminated. While there is perpetration of the literal destruction of the foundations of the United States, and by extension of the hearts and minds and hopes of the basic conservative people the world over. So not only do we find that, that voter fraud matter was manipulated in the most egregious, and just the most cynical way. But what happens as a result is that the administration immediately attacks the pillars of what makes American life livable and hopeful. President Biden created the catastrophe on the southern border with open borders, creating all kinds of humanitarian horrors, attacked the second amendment appointed, appointed a commission to examine what essentially is packing the Supreme Court pushed legislation affirms or praises legislation designed to have biological males competing women’s sports. And this is what if you win fair and square Okay, that’s okay, if that’s what you want and you won. But to have had this done, illegally to start to see the America, the United States and the cause of faithful, spiritually oriented, loving families and fairness, rule of law and diligence and hard work and respect for elders to see, to have this, then legislated against with an illegal ascent to power. This is what really is the difficulty that conservatives face presently. So we have a surge of burgeoning counts of of criminal convictions of election fraud in 2020. But none of it, none of it. No one would touch it, until after the damage was done, until there is a hermetically sealed rule of the left, an integrated force of elites of corporate elites of corrupt government, of information of education elites, who, for some reason, have a profound hostility to basic hard working, middle class American citizens. So we have all the evidence finally coming forward. In fact, the 80 million people did have their sacred rights violated in that election. Glenn Greenwald and Peter Hoekstra are writing in profound ways about the government abuse of surveillance on citizens, that nobody in your own country this was sacrosanct. Is was absolutely forbidden in US life and culture that US intelligence agencies  spy on American citizens, Yet that abounds right now to have a political point of view defined and is in the process of being defined as being domestic terrorists? Biden appointed Lloyd Austin as the head of the Joint Chiefs, the first thing he does is create an inquiry into conservative believers in the military and is holding self confessional meetings and purges of all the military this is this is like this like Stalin’s Soviet Union, what’s going on at the hands of the head of the US military

In Silicon Valley, Dorsey, Facebook and Zuckerberg have closed down, they flat out refuse to allow dissent on their platforms, even dissenting opinions. You’re just blocked from the use of, of their technology. So people who people are working hard to recover the possibility of protecting and preserving the freedoms which make for innocent simple, hard working law abiding respectful, traditional life,

The thing I wanted to talk about is a small niche, which doesn’t get enough attention. There are other major technological and information source manipulations of the population that are not getting the attention they need, and that are vital and necessary for the conservative right to also address and commit itself to be successful in this arena as well. I’m not talking about news content, but general information. The people who are controlling the color and the flavor of what we learn. for simple knowledge are Google and Wikipedia. 

Google and Wikipedia.

So anything you want to learn, anything you want to know about or reference, if you want to know about the Roman Empire, if you want to know about Christianity, if you want to know about the Buddha, if you want to know about anything you want to know, the people who will tell you will lead you to what is true. are Google and Wikipedia Google organizes results, according to its algorithms, and Wikipedia has become a festering cesspool of left wing activism. Wikipedia has become so reliably, consistently, and invariably expressive of the progressive left, with a highly destructive philosophical and ideological agenda. Both founders of Wikipedia Larry Sanger with Jimmy Wales, both on separate, separate occasions left in disgust described the project as Just degenerated into a worthless body of vigilantes who are perpetrating thought control the population and this is where millions, everybody gets their information. Wikipedia is not even a search result, it is the entire right hand side of your search page every  time on everything. And Larry Sanger, the founder of Wikipedia said this, “Wikipedia, the neutral Point of View policy is dead. Due to the rampant left wing bias of the site.” That is Sanger the founder himself, left his own miraculous invention 

So all I wanted to do today is, I believe the 80 million people who voted for President Trump last year should not consider themselves a minority, should not consider themselves victims.

Yes, they’re victims. It’s our own fault. Wake up. Don’t get robbed. Don’t get robbed. We got our ass handed to us. They ran rings around. They did. They tried to do it during the Hillary Clinton campaign. People like James Comey, President Obama, Biden, and the weaponization of the intelligence community to try to destroy Trump. It was a miracle that that was overcome. But that same group of people have had for years to tweak and refine and make sure that This didn’t happen again. So this community of 80 million people is not a minority. It’s the largest community of free Association of any group in human history, it is the largest group of free association in human history. There’s never been a group of 80 million people. Those people have to consider ourselves as having genuine power and genuine authority. So there’s a lot of great work going on by this group in every of these areas of thought. So while  of progressive left oligarchs of Silicon Valley, are illegally despotically silencing and disappearing people. While Hollywood is canceling people, while the media are smearing people while the New York Times is printing lies by the bucket load and carrying out propaganda campaigns, this community of 80 million simple straight, hardworking, law abiding citizens are doing great work in all these areas. What this podcast is about is to urge right now, … it’s very difficult to get away from Google. Yes there are a number of search engines. But there has not yet been developed search based on legitimate algorithms and criteria, whereby the information is organized in a reliable and non agenda driven way. So Google’s a very tricky one to work with. I can talk about that another time.

But Wikipedia does not need to enjoy the monopoly. It does. People probably the conservative patriots aren’t even aware of Wikipedia’s bias. So people are drinking poison day and night, most conservatives have had enough sense to wean themselves off. They don’t turn off the television set. They know that the television is like Soviet era Pravda propaganda, this is known, this is known. But there’s certain areas where we need to exert ourselves as a community. And just as Rumble is bypassing YouTube just as Parler bypassing Twitter, just as the conservative community are looking for places not to be right wing by any stretch, not at all, just to be just a place that acknowledges First Amendment rights, that you’re not silenced and canceled by expressing a point of view.

We really did not. We don’t want to live in a tyranny. We don’t want to live in a fascist state. Even if Jack Dorsey has a cool beard or nose ring, even if he’s even a cool beard, nose ring guy. I don’t care for him to be the fascist overlord of who gets to say what I don’t care for that, even if even if Mr. Dorsey loves, kind of gives a billion dollars to help some odd, perverse cause of some imaginary offended group. That’s fine, God bless him for that. But I really didn’t vote him to be the Lord over the God given rights identified in the US Constitution. All of these areas are being rebuilt. There are platforms for speech being rebuilt, not not to be right wing platforms, just to be platforms that are not controlled by fascists. That’s not too much to ask in the United States of America. And there’s also going to be alternate sports platforms. And there’s going to be alternate entertainment platforms, because we really, Americans, really, most of them at least 80 million adult voters. Most of them really aren’t trying to be run by fascists. We prefer not to be run by fascists. We don’t want a pornographic, disgusting, vile woman telling us what are proper attitudes to have about race. We’re not interested to hear people who are using slave slave labor to make 10s of millions of dollars selling sneakers. lecture us

We didn’t really vote for them to tell me what I’m allowed to say, and not allowed to say. It’s not our preference. And so all of these rebuilding is not rebuilding ghettos of right wing and conservative people. It’s rebuilding the basic foundations of the United States of America. Rule of Law, equal justice for all, freedom of expression. This will come back

We’ll get it back. But my small thing I just wanted to say. Also for the long run, for the long haul. Careful where you get  your information.

I had to look up something and I came across, I came across a site called thoughtco.com. I’ll always go there. Always go there to learn. If at all possible, I’ll never go to Wikipedia to learn. It’s not reliable. Similarly, when I was looking for another piece of information I found another fantastic site called worldhistory.org. Again, reliable information, not propaganda, not agenda driven information on critical theory, not postmodern, gender bending queer theory, information, just information, information that doesn’t hate our roots. I myself work with a community that created and preserves the New World Encyclopedia, a very committed group of editors and scholars who want to preserve the sanctity just of information and not allow it to degenerate and morph or mutate or become mutant forms of propaganda, like Wikipedia is being used for and Twitter’s being used, right, Facebook’s being used, and CNN is being used for New York Times is being used for. 

So for the long haul, in addition to the legislative, election integrity movements, the legislative efforts to preserve and protect the right of women to compete with one another. And so for these are vital. But the thing that I just wanted to introduce today is be careful to pick or identify or be alert to Where we learn, everything.

Let us be more conscious in our consumption of information of every sort, not only the rapid flow of day to day news. 

Alright, thanks a lot for listening. Talk to you again.