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News from overseas – David Eaton

SP welcomes observations and commentary from friends, partners, and contributors. 

Conservative voices are beginning to reconstruct our “sharing” world as the dark tyranny of government-media-tech cancel-censorship makes itself plainly seen. 

This morning David Eaton, Korea-based, but bi-national US ex-pat sent in email a quick word on two vital topics of interest. 1. A stirring and vital conversation between Carlson and Wolf (traditionally presumed to  be to far apart to talk), and a strong piece on Critical Race Theory. 

As conservative sharing finds its way, SP will play our own part to help get important, sound, and considered information out. 

Here below verbatim is the content of David’s email: 

Greetings from Korea:

I don’t know if you saw this, but Naomi Wolf appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show (a huge gaffe for most staunch liberals like Ms. Wolf), saying that she is deeply distressed over the Biden administration’s power plays. She has, apparently, done a great deal of research on how governments use “emergency measures” to seize and maintain control of their citizens for long periods of time. She cited fascist Italy under Mussolini as a prime example. She said their are 10 steps that governments use to accomplish this type of control and that we’re at stage 10 already. Here’s the interview:

Speaking of lies; A psychological trick that the Critical Race Theorists use is to make people feel inferior by calling them “racist.” When you feel inferior you tend to be fearful and fearful people are easier to control and/or manipulate. When you live in fear you’ll do anything to try to get to a safer place…including giving up your civil liberties. What’s happening is all very sinister and the current administration seems to be acquiescing to these types of manipulative tactics because it’s a lie (or at the very least a contested opinion) that if one doesn’t comport with certain progressive orthodoxies one is a de facto racist. And many Black thought leaders are speaking out against this stuff: John McWhorter, Thomas Sowell, Candice Owens, Horace Cooper, Robert Woodson, Jason Reilly, Shelby Steele and the CCC…Conservative Clergy of Color.

God bless,

David E.