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To Make America whole?


Settlement Project President, Frank Kaufmann spent March 16 – 20, 2023 in the San Francisco Bay Area speaking at several venues and occasions to launch Settlement Project work in the region. Much of the schedule and opportunity was made possible by ACCOR member and freedom activist, Michael Kellett and family.

On the evening of his arrival, Dr. Kaufmann spoke on US First Amendment rights to Bay Area leaders engaged in an 8-week course on the US Constitution hosted by ACCOR (Alameda County Constitution of Restoration). Click here to see the presentation on the First Amendment.

On the following evening, Dr. Kaufmann spoke to area youth and university students on “Diversity and the Elements of Conflict and Reconciliation,” addressing elements of what is typically called “DEI” with recommendations to meet issues with approaches better suited to mutual embrace, peace, harmony, and true human equality. This second evening was sponsored by the student group CARP (College Association for the Research of Principles). Click here to see the presentation on Diversity and Racial Harmony

On Saturday morning, Dr. Kaufmann spoke on the topic “What Will It Take to Make America Whole.” As seen on the event flyer pictured above, topics covered in his keynote included:

  • Racial and Cultural Harmony
  • Wholesome Education, preserving a nourishing Youth and Family Culture
  • Secure Borders and Safe Communities
  • Freedom and the Spiritual Roots of America’s Founding

We offer special thanks to the Vice Mayor of San Leandro Brian Azevedo for gracing the ACCOR/UPF meeting attending throughout and offering insights learned from his dedicated service and sacrifice for his San Leandro constituents.

This event was co-sponsored by ACCOR, UPF (Universal Peace Federation, led in the region by Wayne Hankins), and Independent Thinkers (founded by Eva Tisdale). The event was held in the event auditorium of the Bay Area Family Church with the help and generosity of longtime senior Pastor Kevin Thompson)

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Following the formal event, ACCOR leader LouAnn McKeefrey hosted conference guests at her home estate for an afternoon of fellowship and continued networking to bond more deeply for shared work to love and preserve God’s America.

Here is the video of Dr. Kaufmann’s presentation


Here are the slides from Dr. Kaufmann’s presentation

To Make America Whole ACCOR… by Frank Kaufmann