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Biden’s Press Conference, Big Tech Hearing, Parler Testimony

This podcast examines significant events of March 25, 2021. Biden continues to falter. Who is running the government?

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Rough Transcript:

Frank Kaufmann: A number of important factors have led us to the position today in which focus on political affairs has become more celebrity oriented. Moving away from a grasp of policy, and the capacity to analyze complex political realities with greatest subtlety or nuance. A major factor is the decline in civics and in understanding the dynamics whereby the United States was founded. There is a basic ignorance of history, and the manipulation of history to meet woke agendas to meet preset agendas so that historical facts fall by the wayside. 

Another major influence in how we've come to the point of celebrity orientation, rather than the capacity to approach political reality for its complexities, includes the rise of celebrity culture, the whole Hollywood influence itself, that also includes the speed factor and the attention span factor, which has grotesquely diminished people's capacity to hold many thoughts in place. Simultaneously, people want their information concisely, briefly instantaneously. But oftentimes, matters of importance are not simply black and white, they cause a number of matters to be intertwined and needed to be interwoven in our understanding of the implications of what we experienced, politically, socially, and culturally. Finally, the focus on Celebrity is also a decline into the plain old gossipy People Magazine mentality that comprises the easier way to look at matters and seek understanding through matters. We think of the very famous Maxim probably known by everybody listening. The Eleanor Roosevelt observation that great minds speak of ideas, average minds, speak of events, and small minds speak of people. We just suffered through a horrifying four years in which an administration was crippled by an obsession with a particular individual's personality. Then we read torrents of newsprint, analyzing the personality of President Trump, in the midst of his efforts to represent a particular political philosophy and policy direction. The removal of Trump from office by means of a collective manipulation of voting regulations, tragically has not brought us out of this celebrity oriented approach to political affairs. And so yesterday, March 25, President Biden gave his first press conference in over 65 days of having assumed the office that was arranged for him by the interlocking actors that describe their implementation of their designs. In a Time Magazine article of February 4 2021, a 7000 word article by Molly Ball, entitled “The Secret History of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election.” This article is well known, it's been widely discussed. In this article, a number of people brag about their interference with the 2020 American presidential election, but because they believe they needed to save the world. They have no trouble to explain how they manipulated and influenced the election with a number of illegal and unconstitutional practices. This is not a critical article. This is the article of the very people themselves who perpetrated the theft of the American election from the American voter in 2020, are counting themselves as having saved the 2020 election. So these are people who are describing themselves as saviors and so they explain in great detail precisely what they did to undermine the integrity of the election. Because basically they're describing their heroism and their genius, who's a remarkable piece and as much attention as it received, I believe it still remains under-considered in terms of the circumstance we find ourselves in now.

It was essentially a cabal of left wing activists and corporations working to affect the results of the election in the article they claimed. We were not rigging the election. We were fortifying it the US fortifying it. It was a form of election interference. It's openly acknowledged by its very perpetrators in print in a liberal magazine and to which they say to which they say that this activity on their part was meant for the good of the nation, because if they did not get involved, President Trump's victory would have been certain. So these people here these progressive collection of Left wing activists and corporations describe in detail precisely what they did in order to undermine the integrity of the 2020 election Essentially Mainstream Media big tech leftist activists and major corporations that had

They had been working for over a year prior to the 2020 election to establish the results that they intended. They express themselves with a great deal of pride in the part that they describe as reinforcing the election. To quote out of that article, Time Magazine, Ball writes. That's why the participants want the Secret History of the 2020 election told. Even though it sounds like a paranoid fever created a well funded cabal of powerful people ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions to influence perceptions, change the rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. This is open confession, in fact, bragging continued to me, they were not rigging the election, she writes, they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system's fragility to ensure that democracy in America is preserved. Everyone who has any concern whatsoever about the United States about the 2020 election, or about elections in the United States in general, should read Miss Ball’s 7000 word breathless, unending piece, describing in intricate detail precisely what this cabal of progressive organizers did to undermine the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. It's there, in the very words of the very people who perpetrated it. And the players for industries, the players were mainstream media, big tech, left wing activists and major corporations.

One can easily familiarize oneself precisely with who did this to to deprive the American voter of  their vote to diminish or bring America Lower, lower than failed states in its election outcomes, or in its election integrity, in this concerted effort, this highly sophisticated effort. The reason why I introduce this old article is in connection to President Biden's press conference yesterday.

And the reason why I mentioned the celebrity obsession of the current political culture is President Biden's press conference yesterday was such a travesty and such a fiasco and so worrisome based merely on his personality alone.

It's highly attractive to just focus on his long pauses, his getting lost in areas that are global life and death, like nuclear proliferation, he hunts for little scrap of paper that was written for him by somebody. So the two elements that I've introduced for the sake of this podcast, he has won the celebrity focus, so that it is very easy to watch Mr. Biden struggle and walk through a scripted event. With all his answers, prepared for him with a fawning press is still getting lost on his way, not having any answers of his own, contradicting himself in profound ways, all throughout, but the posture that I want to raise here, I have to credit, give thanks to a minute long observation, by Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, or at least speaking on behalf of or under the auspices of CSP press the center for security.

The title of Gaffney’s piece is, “Is  Biden Pino.” Is Biden PINO. President in Name Only? Gaffney wrote on this first presidential press conference yesterday prompted a troubling question. One not asked by the palpably controlled White House press. Namely, who's actually in charge. Mr. Biden's hapless performance makes it clear that it is somebody else but who is actually running affairs. The fact that we don't know the answer is not just a problem for accountability and for democratic governance. Alright, so this is nice observation, he produced a very useful word that I think maybe it already exists, but I’m hearing from him for the first time ever, Pino, Is President Biden Pino, he's repeatedly referred to Kamala Harris, as president. He has a humanitarian crisis, the likes of which hasn't been seen the United States in decades, he's closed to access to the press, when asked point blank by, by a fawning, White House pool reporter, when he would allow access, Biden said, when I'm getting ready after I've done everything I want to do over there.

So press, blackout, humanitarian disaster, leaked video and photography, and photographs show a severe humanitarian crisis at our border. And he appointed Kamala Harris to take care of that matter. So people wonder who's actually running things, the easy thing to say, would be Kamala Harris, but the likelihood of that, to me is extremely low. This is why I've brought our attention back to this Time article, which describes through 7000 words in intricate detail exactly who brought about the outcome that they were so proud of, that they had to brag about it, within a couple of weeks of the election, itself.

They described having altered the election law, unconstitutionally, having worked at the level of judges and local, local Secretaries of State, and having prepared lamestream media, legacy media, having prepared tech platforms for the control of information, and the prohibition and censorship of information. So it should be quite clear after the people who have described how they got President Biden in office, which every everyone alive knows, except, I don't know, maybe there's somebody on the Upper East Side who hasn't moved out of New York yet, who turns on CNN and NBC believes this is news maybe? I don't know who but certainly, certainly Everybody knows that. The 78 year old man who came out with sexist and racist remarks, every time he came out of his basement, spoke to five or 10 people every time he came out of his basement which was only a handful of times and has no capacity whatsoever to run the United States of America. Everybody knows that. It's obvious to everybody. And so, Frank Gaffney, his question who is running things, the place to look, I believe, are the people who just told us in open language in the February 4, Time Magazine article, Thanks, who they are. They're the people I believe, anyway, running the United States of America. And this is a serious matter, and this is where our attention should move. The final thing I want to call to our attention in looking at events from yesterday, this simple equation, we have we have a man who can't think can't speak has no opinions of its own is obviously being handled, manipulated by someone that we have a self confessional bragging, delightful account of how self need individuals brought in competent, mentally declining, individual who can't walk, who can't speak, who can't finish a sentence into the into the Oval Office. This is all No, this is all established. We have this already. And we have the players and how it was done through the manipulation of corporate corporate life, media life, and the tech platforms, especially the three main tech platforms. It's already been established. They told us who they are. And if there were a serious press corps, not ones who would just lay down when told no, you may not go, go see what I've done there. You may not go investigate the humanitarian disaster. They're sorry. And the press lies down. These types of things are serious. And we need to look seriously at how and where and where the roads point where the arrows point to who's running America. It needs To be recognized in a sophisticated fashion. 

The final thing that I'm introducing here in this podcast is yesterday, there was yet another round of tech CEOs testifying before Congress on the issue of misinformation. During that time, a number of extremely important things came to the fore. These include the democrat side, excoriating these tech oligarchs, for the inability to self police, and these, saying, Yes, we need more regulation, we have not been able to regulate ourselves. Well.

This is a shocking combination of commentary that happened at the very same day. So the democrat Matt Doyle, of Pennsylvania, scolded these zillionaires. “The power of this technology is awesome and terrifying to us. And each of you have failed to protect your users and the world from the worst consequences of your creation. The witnesses here have demonstrated time and again, that self regulation has not worked. They must be held accountable for allowing disinformation and misinformation to spread.” In response to this Zuckerberg, Pichai agreed that more government regulations on social media might be necessary, just so long as just so long as they don't get rid of Section 230 altogether, by which they make their zillions of dollars. So you have to regulat. This has an important role to play in ensuring that we protect what is great about the open web.

And Zuckerberg saying that the government should get more involved in regulating what information is permitted to be passed through this is informational checkpoints. This is a government controlled nation. This is military, on the informational level, following the perfectly fraudulent narrative that was instantaneously generated following the January 6, breach of the Capitol. The details and facts of which are To this day, not established. And with every accurate piece of information that comes out, the prevailing narrative of violent Trump supporters collapses with every single word that comes out. But that did not stop the establishment of a narrative of 80 million Americans who are nothing but white supremacists with clubs. And this, this continues to this day. This was characteristic of the appearance of the tech, the oligarchs in front of the Congress, where the Congress, the Democrats in Congress said you didn't protect us on January 6, you're an utter failure. You had something you couldn't control that we should control in the end. You have and you have Pichai saying, Oh, yes  yes, please control us. Please tell us what we're allowed to say and what we're not allowed to say. But these are the very same groups that involved themselves in the illegitimate and unconstitutional manipulation and establishment over fraudulent and unconstitutional subversion of the US election. The very same people who are on the record in the Ball, Time Magazine article.

This is the very same cabal that destroyed Parler, if you recall Parler was accused of being the platform that allowed the organization of those that breached the Capitol. If you recall, a Parler was absolutely destroyed by the perfectly coordinated integration, not just a big tech, not just the media platforms part of those competitors to Twitter. It was an open forum for the free expression of ideas to whatever first amendment guaranteed rights and allowing no other writing that was in violation of laws and as a competitor to Twitter and is the only place where the truth of the January 6 breach was being communicated. Twitter, Google, Facebook, Amazon and all conspired to destroy, to remove it from existence, Apple dropped it from its apps, as did Google, the platform that demonetised it, and all but destroyed the platform altogether. Because as an Organ of free speech that was not censored. The way Twitter was the way Google and Facebook were, in which truth could be told about the true events of the breach on January 6, was happening on Parler and all of these closed it down. There was a major attack on free speech in America and a major attack on a given organization and miraculously, built itself back up. And today, in a letter to the House Committee on Oversight and reform, submitted documents regarding the breach, in which they explain explicitly clearly and entirely with volumes of documentation that reveal that it had proactively developed an open line of communication with the FBI in the fall of 2020, and referred violent content and incitement from powerless platform over 50 times before January 6, Parliament also wanted the FBI about specific threats of violence being planned for the events on the Capitol on January 6, that brings massive questions.

That brings tons into question. The FBI had been warned 10s of times on specific data that was being communicated regularly. And yet, these platforms were the very same platforms that brought about the explicit and openly confessed, unconstitutional manipulation and creation of illegal influence of the American of the United States President election in 2020. those groups Facebook, Twitter, Google, closed down Parler, because it was the only place where the true narrative of January 6 was being communicated. Because it's an open platform that does not deny first amendment rights. Whereas Twitter, Google and Facebook were, were not flagging, they were just closing accounts. They were just de monetizing people. They were just destroying people, as was YouTube. So Parler miraculously reestablishes itself as a viable platform. And I highly recommend it. Because for no other reason than that the first amendment rights were described as God-given and unalienable by US founders for purpose, without freedom of speech, you have tyranny and repression of the most god awful sort. And you have the beginning of profound unbridled human suffering. As soon as there's an attempt to crack down on thought and speech, which we're suffering through. So Parler gets itself back up and completely turns the entire February 6 narrative on its head with historical documentation.

The exact information that completely completely undermines the January 6, narrative. So, yesterday, a number of important things happened. And I go back to Gaffney, again, with his PINO introduction of a concept. He took it from RINO Republicans in name only, he called Biden the PINO president in name only after President Biden's travesty of a press conference, which was a surprise to no one. No one in the past year has ever seen Joe Biden speak cogently once.

No one has seen him walk up a set of stairs, no one has seen him walk forward. Other than that looks like a cane is needed. Or Walker I should say. And so that, that was a travesty. Fine. Gaffney asks, who is running things? The immediate answer is all about he made Harris head of the border or the big joke when she shakes his hand, he tests his pulse. The Time article defined an explicit list of names of people, organizations, corporations, with that managed to bring a person in physical and mental decline to sit in the office right now. They've named themselves

They bragged about their control of the United States of America. So this is the main point of what I wanted to communicate in this podcast today. March 25, is an important day. And it's important for us to begin to connect the dots. We know the players, we can complain about them all day long. We can complain about the softballs and puff pieces written by, we can complain about by telling a reporter No, you absolutely may not go investigate a disaster that I myself have created in the reporter. Like, like writing of a Valentine Oh, you're an honorable and decent man. Okay, we can see these things all day long, complaining about hypocrisy all day. But what's important right now is to go back to what publicly identified itself as the saviors of America, and just revealed who they are and how they got control of the United States. And when you see a president who holds his first press conference in two months, and can't think, can't speak, takes out a little piece of paper to describe his response to North Korea after it fired missile tests in the direction of Japan and he takes out a little piece of paper and forgets to read the last line, and then says, oh, also diplomacy. This is worrisome, but more worrisome is who is going to begin to identify specifically and clearly who is running America, this is important. It's important to watch why Zuckerberg, Pichai, these zillionaires wringing their hands and said, Oh, please control us more. Please tell us what may or may not be said by American citizens. This is what's going on. We need to look and we need to be serious.

Thanks very much for listening.