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Big Problems: Thoughts for the Patriot Bonfire


On January 27th, 2024 Settlement Project president, Dr. Frank Kaufmann spoke at the Patriot Bonfire organized by Chris and Debbie Cloud of American Life and Liberty ALL PAC.

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Here is the video of the speech

Here is the transcript below


Big Problems: Thoughts for the Patriot Bonfire

The puppet masters behind JR Biden cause honest Americans lots of problems, but I want to focus on just three. 

  • The open border
  • Election fraud
  • The exploitation of children 

I’ll explain why I picked these three in a moment 

All three of these are savagely defended by a deranged political Left. When I say political Left, I include DEI-ESG Corporate America, Corporate Legacy Media, Corporate Social Media, State and Union Run Schools, University Corporations, and more. 

This seamless amalgam makes up the blanket political Left, a power-addicted colossus. 

Additionally, this Dark force is linked to international actors with the singular purpose to destroy America. This rapacious alliance is active always. There is no day, no moment that it is still. It functions with lethal intent at all times tearing at every corner of American goodness, always. 

Its weapons are concealment, deceit, and intimidation. It works with the support of America’s enemies through falsehood, misrepresentation, and exploitation. It trades in fear and emotional blackmail.

Its deep philosophies are deliberately cloudy, obscure, ambiguous, and elusive. When they are exposed one sees basic demonic foundations. 

It cloaks itself in the pretense of care, but when the light of truth exposes its real purpose to enslave and control, venom, and blind rage erupt and instantly degenerate into orgies of violence, and destruction of lives and property. 

This is the simple truth of the labyrinth of the Intersectional Left. This is not exaggeration or alarmism. This is an accurate description.   

This dark spirit that has undermined and infiltrated wholesome and hopeful American life everywhere is masterful in circular tactics of projection and deceit (now well-described as gaslighting). When even the smallest voice dissents or threatens to expose the real design it is met instantly with overpowering force. Every hint of opposition is painted as racism and varieties of hate dressed in a thousand invented phobias. 

Refusing to play this game, for me, is the first place to make a stand. It is the beginning of the victory of godly patriots. Here’s why:

The powers that oppose America are based first on lies. All truth causes it to shrink and be gone.

And this is the first truth we know with certainty. Me, the members of my family, the people in my church, the guys I fish with, aren’t racist. We’re not “phobes” of the victim flavor of the month. 

To know this is true, we don’t have to be experts in economic theory, or in the history of race relations in America. It is not a master class in gender and genetics. It is slander. It’s libel. 

On this fact, the overlords know nothing about me. I am not racist. I am not phobic. I walk a path of love, care, inclusion, and compassion. As do the people I know and love. And adding the word “systemic” is vacuous sleight of hand invented in thin air, which by the way does nothing to help the plight of a solitary human being. The perpetuation of this fiction is the poison of powerlessness, resentment, and vengeance

The agenda of the Woke left is built on falsehood and is carried out in secret. Because of this, every true word spoken dispels it, and weakens it. 

Are there any racists here tonight? I truly doubt there are. It is too odd a notion to be entertained by thinking people. Are there any here who don’t care about human difficulty and suffering? Do people think homosexuals deserve to suffer? Who believe that illegal immigrants deserve to suffer.  Again, I can’t imagine there is anyone here like that.

American Patriots are not characterized by hate. We are not insensitive to the struggles and difficulties of our brothers and sisters. Even if we wanted not to care, we couldn’t. Our dads and moms taught us better than that. Our scriptures and our neighbors won’t let us be unkind. We’re stuck in that. That’s a truth we know firsthand. In NY we don’t let people insult our friends. 

From now we should refuse to ever let anyone frame the discussion as though the battle in America is about caring or not caring. It is simply not true. As we say in NY, “so don’t give me that.”

The conversation is not about caring or not caring. It is about wrong and evil ideas that cause barbarity, darkness, suffering, and a demonic assault on human innocence and hopefulness. 85,000 immigrant children are lost and trafficked around America by the US government and its partner sick NGOs, which are another network of lies and concealment. 1000s of poor sweet young girls raped and tortured in immigration caravans that are controlled by cartels with wealth and armies as big as nations? Our hearts bleed for these people. Our whole lives exist to save these people. 

The question is, what happened? How did we get here?

Why do people with huge moral and civic responsibilities defend these big three evils? Open borders, fraudulent elections, exploitation of children.

Why do elected officials defend this? Why do university professors defend this? Why does NPR defend this? Why is the UN silent? 

We all grew up in a time when there were a lot of things Americans agreed on regardless if we were conservative or liberal. if you’re 30 years old part of your life was spent at a time when there were many things, conservatives and liberals agreed about

We agreed that immigration should happen legally. We agreed that the vote of each American was sacred and that the stability and future of our country depended on honest elections. We agreed that the innocence of children was sacrosanct.

This is why from the myriad of problems Joe Robinette causes us all, I picked these three. We can agree or disagree on a million little political differences. This is fine, this is how we grow as a nation. This is what makes America great. 

But if we cannot agree that people should abide by the law, if we cannot agree that elections should be fair, and if we cannot agree that the sexual exploitation of children is wrong, then we have come to the end of time. 

This is one of the reasons why the political right has some fissures in it. Some pre-2016 conservatives seem not to have noticed a significant shift in what radicals achieved on American soil. 

Conservatism before 2016 unfolded during a 200 year period in which even progressives agreed that honest elections, abiding by the law, and protecting children are good.

Once people with power over our lives reject honest elections, abiding by the law, and protecting innocent children, conservative political life must change radically. 

The first step in this change is a relentless first amendment brigade. More religion, more speech, more free press, assemble more. Every voice for God is light, every word of truth is light, every column inch against the nation’s enemies is light, and every time we gather there’s heat. 

Light dispels the darkness, the demons retreat, and the enslaved become free. This is our fight. The dream of God, the work of love, the clarity of truth, and the joy of our solidarity.  May the beauty of God’s gifts in the first amendment prevail, even though there are a few other amendments around in case of emergencies. 

The Settlement Project is built for this end of time. 

We have to know exactly how we got here, and how to close that dungeon and start to rebuild.  

I think some of our colleagues have passed around our literature. Please familiarize yourselves with our work. We are here to serve the righteous, the champions of God in every religion and culture who love our country and a greater future for all. 

The best is yet to come.