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How the Chinese Communist Party Influences Corporate News Giants

Original article from The Stream, January 5, 2021

Wikimedia Commons/JavierDo, iStockphoto/sharrocks


The Post, the New York Times, CNN, NBCUniversal and many other large media corporations forged business relationships with Chinese companies. Those companies are affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Meanwhile, major outlets participate in a cultural-exchange program funded by that party.

As a result, those outlets mold opinion to fit their own interests, not the public’s….

NBCUniversal — which owns NBC and MSNBC — produces international broadcast news with China’s state news agency, Xinhua….

Bloomberg LP sells its proprietary terminals to China and finances Chinese companies through one of its bond funds. In November 2019, that fund began sending $150 billion to 364 firms. Of those, 159 are controlled directly by the government or the party….

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