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Settlement Rep at CFER’s First Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, September 3, 2022


Mr. Jack Ashworth, West Coast Settlement Project Rep reported on a tremendous experience attending the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER) First Annual Conference in San Diego. CA, September 3, 2022.

The explanation and purpose of the conference can be seen here

Jack Ashworth offers this report on the conference here below:

Scholars, Educators, and political leaders meet to discuss Admission Preferences and Indoctrination in Education

Californians and other out of State leaders converged in San Diego on Sept 3rd to discuss strategies to confront Racial preferences, race-based CRT, sexual identity indoctrination, and parents’ rights in education

The program’s main sponsor was California for Equal Rights Foundation and included speakers from numerous other educational organizations. I was invited by a previous Settlement Project participant, Saga Conroy.

Listen to conference closing remarks from Saga Conroy here:

The keynote speaker was former State senator and Senate Democratic majority leader, Hon. Gloria J. Romero. Other notable speakers included Dr. Elana Fisbein (Founder of No Left Turn in Education), Ho. Kevin Kiley (California State Assembly Member) Mari Barke (Orange Co. board of education trustee), Dr. Lance Izumi (Director of Education at Center for Pacific Research Institute), PROF. Richard Sanders (UCLA Law professor) Dr. William Evers (Former US Assistant Secretary of Education during Trump’s administration) Professor Gail Heriot (University of San Diego Professor of Law and US Civil Rights Commissioner) Prof. Eric Smith (York College Professor of Rhetoric and Composition and Co-Founder of Free Black Thought) and other State and Community Leaders in education.

The conference was an indication of the groundswell of opposition growing in California and across the country in order to fight against indoctrination and civil rights violations happening in our educational institutions. Several previous participants in Settlement Project meetings played key roles in this program including Saga Conroy who was MC during the program.

There were many important new acquaintances established at the meeting and we look forward to furthering support and contact with them and their endeavors.