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Tulsi Gabbard’s Diwali Message

From Tulsi Gabbard
November 13, 2020

Namaste and best wishes for Diwali.

Our Diwali celebrations this year are going to be noticeably different than any other year. Many people are facing great challenges during this pandemic – whether it’s difficulty paying the bills, relationship problems, stress, anxiety, or loneliness.

Society is becoming more and more divided. Everything is politicized as we’re pitted against each other along battle lines of race, class, religion, gender, age, or values. Unity has given way to tribalism. The good of the whole has been replaced by “what’s in it for me or those like me?”

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can focus on the truth found in aloha … and namaste — that we are all connected, all brothers and sisters worthy of each other’s love, respect, and compassion.

So as we celebrate Diwali, let us remember Lord Ramachandra whose appearance in this world and example can serve as a guide to us all. He never fails to show us where we should put our faith, our trust, our hope for deliverance from even the most dangerous of situations. While we may experience heartbreak or betrayal, the Supreme Soul, our Supreme Friend will never betray us, He will never leave us. His unconditional love for us, the shelter He provides, His desire for our well-being is unflinching. And just as Lord Rama heroically rescued Sita from the clutches of Ravana, the Lord is standing by to rescue us from our difficulties, if we simply take shelter in Him.

So as we light our candles on Diwali, let us find inspiration in how the Supreme Soul delivers victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.

I wish you peace, joy, and comfort during these difficult times.

Jaya Lord Ramachandra. Jai Sri Krishna.

Watch the full video here.

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