Brenda Lebsack Writes on Los Angeles Dodgers’ Pride Night

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are facing backlash for promoting what has been described as an anti-Catholic drag group due to the fact of their mockery of Catholic traditions and beliefs. 

Brenda Lebsack, a teacher of 30 years and former school board member of Orange Unified School District, sees this as an affront not only to Catholics, but to all people of faith and conscience. This call for multi-religious solidarity is one of the emphases in her recently published The Orange County Register article.

Religion and False Flags, Beware of Anonymous groups

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As integrated enemies of America work to destroy the Constitution and the God given rights of citizens, people (such as clergy) look for sources to awaken and educate our members. Some align with anonymous groups. The podcast beseeches the lister (especially clergy) to beware. Enemies of America coopt anonymous groups to plant false flags and then move to close down churches and synagogues